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Phantom works 珍籍 aesthetics Bunko vol.1 [women] of 2 dream


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Okazaki, and kayak and turning up the lodging destination Yamazaki clothes shop upstairs, Yamasaki's wife, and drew the face of げ子 whiffing eyelid.... Okazaki was T University rugby player, but when you tackle during a match and M University, was slapped the chest is bad sickness the pleura, according to doctor's hospital after 2 months, came to the air in this town. … Okazaki, was drawn in the mysterious strange euphoria not yet once felt so far. Out of body odor, like choke on a sticky and 30 women unknowingly was go and invite to the unknown world. Sense was a Ascension pleasure even when stuck in holes in the meat ズブリッ and she cut the ripe. Okazaki is shaken the jowl and big excitement and rejoicing at this time the body has a frightening degree does not stop. He remembered was enjoying ever self indulgence in pleasure and fear kind and not up to the intense a confused mind, quite different in good quality.... ※ This product is a "phantom movie 珍籍 aesthetics Bunko vol.1" (dynamic sellers Publishing publication Aoki Shin light by ISBN:978-4-88493-317-3 290 630 yen (including tax) PG) is one of the audio. (C) 2007 dynamicccelerz publications