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Phantom works 珍籍 aesthetics Bunko volume 1 [1 難き unforgettable 22-year-old daughter]


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Product Information

Frank experience confession book of man and drowning the lust and the 22-year-old daughter. That summer, thinking was, to the daughters of friends of the same village, 22-year-old photon and spend summer resort Villa two alone in the.... "Good not likely will encounter during the short days of again a mysterious affair of my life, and only half of me wants to keep branded as mind and body strong as the sad memories after the pleasure I not promise concentrated in few days, and sacrifice licks extracts of this affair, which in my mind now, couldn't. Imagine the relationship between the two people's tonight shelter from envy everyone day honeymoon night sufficient will or "young body from somebody shoot starkers voice feverishly hight comfort taste. Act breaks a euphoric feeling the first night. ※ This product is a "phantom movie 珍籍 aesthetics Bunko vol.1" (dynamic sellers Publishing publication Aoki Shin light by ISBN:978-4-88493-317-3 290 630 yen (including tax) PG) is one of the audio. (C) 2007 dynamicccelerz publications