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9.11 The mystery world was fooled!


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9.11 Suspect and FBI have not seen bin Laden! At least six people alive out of suicide terrorists! Huge explosives were mined in the World Trade Center! Manifests of the hijacked aircraft has no name of terrorists! Government was secretly recovered aircraft crash black box! 9.11 Knew in advance that had a large trading co., Ltd.! Bush knew ago 9.11! There are a lot of that changed the world "9.11" incident, too weird. Every one of its mysteries pursued thoroughly in its own coverage. Based on new facts found in the series after, over more than 20 pages, greatly expanding, close to the truth of the "9.11" incident! ※ This product is "9.11 mystery world was fooled!?" (Friday publication narisawa muneo by ¥ 1,050 (incl. tax) ISBN:978-4-906605-17-6 124 p.) is one of the audio. (C) 2006 SHUKAN ' KINYOBI