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Phantom work prohibition of sale dense paperback volume polluted 3 [Garden]


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Yamada, Director of the Corporation, bereavement, his beloved wife was living growth in spring, the son as single-mindedly, of consolation. Her name's Ayako Hoshino. Has joined as a clerk Yamada Corporation after graduating from 19-year-old, rural girls. Face is not a beauty forever silent she lost Hick's innocence. Yamada to embarrassing sight of Fumiko eyes coincidentally at one time. Yamada in brain thing it was from beginning to end. Eventually he becomes to hold ambitions for ugly her. And finally he seize that opportunity. You promised to host a dinner at his home on Saturday. NET does not know what she and headed towards the Director's House. Virginity has been guarding the chastity of fate it is trampled a pathetic beast to...? ※ This product is a "phantom made prohibition of sale dense paperback volume one" (dynamic sellers Publishing publication Aoki Shin light by 525 yen (incl. tax) ISBN:4-88493-303-6 350 pages) is one of the audio. (C) 2008 dynamicccelerz publications