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Phantom work prohibition of sale dense paperback volume 1 shade [color]


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Yoshiko, daughter just entered high school. Teacher's forest grace Dr. eyes big France dolls like fair. Late Saturday afternoon, Woods grace appeared in home visiting. Real show for the first time Mori grace was a woman somewhere dark symptom of felt rather active beauty and color and overall facial attitude so reticent. Features like France dolls, but feels like a little こけた cheek, the big eyes that shone with shine secrets from the back of the eye though. Was a woman with something like to forget me resemble teacher wears a black suit especially beautiful clear skin of drama actress feeling, because of the delicate body with large aspect young, teacher of the daughter relationship. Was attracted to her strongly. I observe teachers as Yoshiko's father is erotic 40 man's eyes and touched her …. Ryoko and grace, daughter and their tutor, good relations has been from the school further, Ryoko and Michiyo, mildly hidden in each relationship begins. ※ This product is a "phantom made prohibition of sale dense paperback volume one" (dynamic sellers Publishing publication Aoki Shin light by 525 yen (incl. tax) ISBN:4-88493-303-6 350 pages) is one of the audio. (C) 2008 dynamicccelerz publications