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Country market magician-day winner who-Vol.16( Yamanaka Koji Division )


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Yamanaka said Reid in the 80's Tokyo market as a major U.S. Bank Forex traders ( financial ) was moving large sums of money in astrology! Yamanaka said that financial astrology is a statistics, are preaching is one of the technical tools are usually used in the foreign exchange market. Association with the backed up data in the past, such as markets and movement of the Japan business cycles and planetary cycles, mercury and Earth and sky will is clear and following from in this interview. Interdependence of services cannot be dispensed by anomaries as seasonal factors emerge from ancient data. Is financial Astrology horoscopes, super long database-backed association with the indicators. Quotations and gimmicks when you "Yes, x, decrease: []: ss" until Yamanaka said "that involved a lot of suggestions" as well as "ichimoku" to suggest that financial astrology is answered. The word Street, and then digests the index fully as well as other technical tools, requires skilled and artistic sensibility. But Yamanaka said in and then, adding to the tool so far at the same time, can expect to greatly improve the completeness of strategic. Astrology is basically consists of planetary orbital calculations. The capacity of your generalized and anyone has is to do this operation is easy. Misunderstandings and eyebrow condition and environment for utilizing the tools of astrology, some investors use this image "Fortune" that is being wiped out from financial astrology. Because the trading environment of IT now is, is from ancient tools demonstrates the true indicator of.