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The psychology of vocation, job hunting


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Product Information

Your present psychological therapist "Kannon"-psychological therapy for changing vocation, job right now. "Such an age, vocation it..." and do not give up? all events is a message to you. Learn how to feel the meaning behind it, you can know, just your vocation. When is, chance looking for vocation! Psychological therapies for psychological therapist "Kannon" gift, we now work vocation. You know how to pull your vocation! ‘ Therapy magazine by and about psychology, subconscious, work, vocation, and way of life, so named, if thought Yes not of or very clearly written. Just read business books ever and, feeling being healed, so again staring on the living essence and their exercise Ene Con lesson psychological test, the lot it has is based, and rewarding will be feedback from readers well "did you ever read the book is" "will be re-read many times". When tired at work, when going tough when the direction is wrong so as fear and leave useful at any time. What is a vocation? What is a job? Work and think that, if the person thought once. It is what is given from heaven, rather than 我武者羅 to grab. Vocation, English, means "calling = known is >. What felt so 'from the other side of the road should forward their is known"... rather than getting. This book is a book you can exactly pull its sense in your hands now. ※ This product is a vocation, job hunting Psychology (form Museum publication publication takatsuka Tomiko by ISBN978-4-495-56291-5 179 1,365 yen (tax included) PG) is one of the audio. (C) Tomiko Takatsuka