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Reading road "disorder hair extract" give Akiko Yosano

Product number: spk-ro-150
Series: 朗読街道
Star: 伊藤純子
Playback time: 約40分
Genre: Literature
Dealers: 株式会社スタジオスピーク

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Product Information

It published 0/1901 (1901).
Collection of poems poet, Yosano Akiko's virginity.
Strong desire to become to get married after giving Yosano tekkan.

And bold style to the passionate side is shocking representation at that time was.
* Neck out of total 399 neck 100 excerpt of this piece.

(Purle than neck 34 / lotus flowers ship better 10 neck than white lilies and 9 neck / US 14 neck than my wife / dancer than 3 head / spring seems more 30 neck)

(About 40 minutes Narrator: Junko ITO)
Read road [and]

Is for the adult collection of classic I want to read it again, was on the textbook masterpieces, classic readings CD series.
-Selected adults to enjoy the tasteful classic
• Reader Pro veteran Narrator.
, Drama CD, not the originals faithfully read aloud
-BGM less to the imagination

And listen to complete volume 1 turn off configuration
[We are very popular in various scenes]
As a reward for his
As a gift was indebted to those who
And teaching in Japan are studying foreign / international students
As a souvenir to foreign countries

And recreational eye lame way
[There is a CD version]
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For more information visit to purchase or
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Days, except holidays 9:30-18:30)
 * Highway' readings' series is original development of peak studios and exclusive products. Not accepted in the general bookstore and buy CD.

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