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[Jazz album] iratov / 寺下 Makoto trio (all 10 songs)

Product number: TSC・CD-0044
Genre: Audio file
Dealers: Jazz, classic label [Tokyo サウンドシテ ¨]

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5 minute, 51 seconds
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6 minute, 29 seconds
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Product Information

寺下 Makoto piano series spell Jazz hard, and fame.

Modern jazz sessions led by veteran drummer 田鹿 Masahiro Yamashita: young bassist Koji, the drive of! Ihatov / 寺下 m. trio Hokkaido was born in Hakodate. Jazz listen to Thelonious Monk at the junior high school with interested professional arrived while attending Waseda University Jazz lab by extending to New York in 77 years, Rita also flourishing... N Y, the following year. Many international jazzmen with, jam session also hosted on Japan Shinjuku pit-Inn was known as a pianist of the Taskmaster. This injection is analog (TSC-AD-0044) was released in both CD and disk, and focused sound good even Koji Yamashita (b) is a response and heavy trio 田鹿 Masahiro (ds) has deployed a strong rowdy personalities of jazz playing. His Cerro 2 femininity and out boldly, he was attracted to the CD have been respected us monk song "Blue Monk" g. not playing the "ask me now" and listen to Hou.

In addition to various songs such as "stable mates" ベニーゴ Wilson, "hub-you met, mistakes, Jones standard?" will expand the fantastic and exciting play.
 Jazz critic and 岩浪 Yozo?? tracklist 1 Hub you met Miss Jones? Have you Met Miss Jones? 5:49 Dont blame me 2 7:00 3 トリンクル-6:26 4 Blue Monk 10:00 5 ask-me 7:49 7:23 7 a., Berry and hip-rock and rolls and 5:19 stable 8-6:10 9 farm roots Farm
 7:24-10 Hub you met Miss Jones? Have you Met Miss Jones?

(Take2) 4:54 system of Government musicians 寺下 Makoto (piano) (Piano) Makoto Terashita Koji Yamashita (bass) Koji Yamashita 田鹿 Masahiro (Bass) (drums) Tajika Masahiro (Drums)