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[Jazz album] RIGHT ON and THE TRIO KOTARO (24 k gold disc specifications) (all 11 songs)

Product number: TSC・CD-0039G
Genre: Audio file
Dealers: Jazz, classic label [Tokyo サウンドシテ ¨]

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wma 150kbps
5 minute, 5 seconds
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3 minute, 35 seconds
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4 minute, 46 seconds
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Product Information

Tsukahara Kotaro wit exert oneself, masterpieces of the trio finally born!
 "Light-on / THE KOTARO TRIO" (24 k gold disc specifications) of recent Tsukahara Kotaro "Nutcracker" body or a jazz tunes, is called a topic that can also do both jazz and classical piano playing. He has sense of swing and jazz piano most fascinating Groove of splendidly by Trio Julie, indeed as an expert that is fabulous. And exciting funky flavor coming well "the salmon" and "ヴイジテーション", "caravan" drive or even Ivy play wow. And has taken up the essence of modern jazz, Daisy ガレスビー number, such as "con-4 song Alma" is what is done. During this unique song SHIHO twines on two songs. First and last songs are also impressed homebrew that nifty configuration. It is the taste of dark album.

Tsukahara Kotaro Miura Tetsuo (b) is listening is good combination and Mamoru Shinji (ds), and then I saw the master of the piano.
 Jazz critic and 岩浪 Yozo?? 5:04 3:33 2.Lullaby Of Broadway Lullaby of Broadway Broadway ( Lullaby ) 3.The Sermon the 6:59 4:45 4:57 4:11 7.He Beeped When He Should Have Bopped
He, ビープト and when, he and Sud-have-3:15 8.Dizzy Atomosphere dizzy and 4:21 Wu Xu vinyl de chloride 9.Oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Be 3:40 10.Con Alma con Alma 7:50 11.Right On light 5:10?? Kotaro Tsukahara Tsukahara Kotaro musicians (piano) (Piano) Tetsuo Miura (bass) Tetsuo Miura (Bass) Mamoru Shinji (drums)
Shinji Mori (Drums) (vocals) his Shiho (Vocal)