Giant Santa RAID [Huge Santa invasion]

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Suburbs of Chiba Prefecture, 12/24 night and suddenly appears in "Red Devil" by.
Annulled the good fight of the tank ****s, start approaching downtown [giant Santa].
... Had tragic visit the city's Christmas.
Giant Santa do wrong unless..., and starts last human resistance ….

Or even a giant of the devil was again out of human hands...
"That Devil" is red appears suddenly at the suburbs of Chiba, the night of December 24. [huge Santa].
that the good fight of the tank corps begins an approach idly in the downtown area Tragedy was going to come in the town which did well by Christmas...... Huge Santa who commits all kinds of evil deeds...
And the resistance of the human last begins......

Furthermore, the human was already unable to manage the devil who became gigantic... (Windows Media Video) 35 min 640 x 480 DVD quality (2 Mbps)