Double fold site made by a shingle [SA-42]

Product number: SA-42
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Product Information

Folded double long by on-site ground molding and molding stage includes the appearance of a shingle.

Solving large coil wound around the hundreds of meters of the substrate in the ground forming send Enquirer, constant-scale cutting machine, molding machine, processing long folded plate crowded hanging roof, 葺きます.

Small coil of the substrate enigmatic coil units on the stage in the forming stage, sending the molding machine long folded plate processing, 葺きます.

Fittings such as lifting children and tight frame welded mounting of, goby tightening by automatic machinery and human resources aspects and aspect of glass wool deckplate can be detailed. Wheelbarrow, especially simultaneously with several people and special jigs for transporting folded according to the appearance of the movement of the plates is rare footage.