Standard penetration test 1 [SA-01]

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Standard penetration test (SPT) is most prevalent as a mid-size and larger buildings in Foundation design method for ground surveys.
Test example (1) encompass a series of tasks until the withdrawal from a bowling machine installed, is done in the 水堀 uplift using drum muddy back.
Testing is done by kite method, see also how the コーンプーリー method as supplemental video.

Also because operations such as measurement is recording also finer calibration isometric and water level, understand the basics about the implementation of the process of drilling and testing, sampling and various utensils used for drilling and testing of.
Test example (2) in 水堀 in the stratum of severe lost circulation water, muddy back is 不設置.
View Yi water prevention effect by the casing in the drilling process.

Tests are done by a method of kite and ハンドルマン (operator) may feature in the shape of the kite and the physical ability test. Because techniques and facts about the site that described the book are woven in addition, becomes a dense contents full transcript.