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Сustom Castle and Shogakukan Castle episode 15 emerging bonds


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HIMENO "KIZUNA" ( 15:39 ) episode 15 emerging сustom Castle and it would all 15 episodes of the original story and screenplay Rin 平右 gate, cast actors troupe Sendai Sakura of confidence... Top NET, Kosei... Akihiro 小丸, Shijimi... Ya, chicken "... Saya Makoto Misaki, and silk... Abe Kumi, drop... Saito 100 incense and feel thick... Kato, y., Tadashi entrepreneurship... Yamada Tatsuya, Toru turtle... Yoshimura Sayuri, Portuguese... Taku Yoshimi Utsumi • сustom Castle and would [would Castle and сustom is located in the Northeast where the adjacent territory.
The Lords of the Castle's two brothers, from the everyday is was around. What the territory's press confidence is a brother in the Lords would Yamanaka, ひがんで can be put in place, because mount against сustom territory to his brother again.

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