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The magic mirror of their own would like the entire audio file 2 (hone their commuters ed.)


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• [Magic mirror yourself would like the entire audio file series] this sound in the magic mirror of my would like the entire ( so bookstore ) of help swell the image further in the speech "their ideas like".

Liked out enjoying the time tr is the imperceptibly body and Kokoro your awareness will be deepened.
 "Imatra will probably" tricks you enjoy anyway.
Through sound and air touch, texture, odor and taste.
 Taking advantage of their good sense should swell the image.
In addition to the five senses movement, breathing and heartbeat.

 Playing image anyway with all of the physical body is surely show friendly and encouraging answer.

 Give to input their beloved body and Kokoro.

Please enjoy the Imatra up Polish commuters, their happiness is commuting habits to acquire five theme. -Happiness degree commutes up to Imatra 4 easy to disentangle time tr 2 body is 歩けち ton, tired knowing even the habit to acquire five time TR-1 crowd from inside the time tr 3 arm, shoulder and rid the chubby white paper also irritated Imatra become themselves time tr 5 mental and physical balance