To realize the dream of the ultimate analog tools brain "look of" idea notes to

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Life remains in notebooks, PDAs and notes...
Is just one case study also asset management and work'd achievements, use.

Published the whole method of "brain workout" built up 300 million yen assets. "Life changing book notes only? so dumb!" People felt could have and. However, all important projects is the world's written as a character. This is the same as in personal life.

In other words, first my projects of their own motion, a "writing".
In writing thinking "looks for" and you can get more widely and deeply thought.

This book is systematized to achieve the wanted, based on the author's experiences. Looks 午堂 Noboru Norio, surgery notes, thoughts, making, thinking notes Chapter 1 idea notes and thoughts notebook practical how-to Chapter 4 brain-workout Chapter 5 dreams and thoughts note Chapter 3 basic rules to achieve what Chapter 2 Why book notes change life

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