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"Body is probably to make the image just audio files (back pain, poor circulation Division)


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• Sound series made probably a body image and your hand along the inflatable image of the book (that book they "probably a body image (San mark publication)) this sound, which probably further in a speech made"is probably of".

Reason without body care enjoy the comfort of good quality, mind.
 Tips make probably a body that, enjoy anyway.
Through sound and air touch, texture, odor and taste.
 Taking advantage of their good sense should swell the image.
In addition to the five senses movement, breathing and heartbeat.

 Playing image anyway with all of the physical body is surely show friendly and encouraging answer.

Theme you will enjoy 10 relieve cold and pain "pain and cold" honoka Imatra. 1. Solid-lumbar, pain-not just any time tr 2 season I'll be back to easy why there cold-not. Imatra 6 take chills the body, releasing the foot Imatra 4 cooling too, effectiveness, and 凍えち take to eliminate such foot chill time tr 3 waist and stomach tension and body warmth back time tr 5 physical hardness scapular of between jam, solid-not's back stiffened Imatra take 7 waist fluffy and soon become Imatra 8's chest jam RID to Imatra 9 body of table also back also, entire skin from Imatra come warm 10 knee and ankle of tension from Imatra coming back probably to