BATI-BATI 38 1 スルガマナブ vs Okubo Kazuki [FU-TEN BBS B38-1]

Product number: FU-TEN BBS B38-1
Series: バチバチ
Star: スルガマナブ 大久保一樹
Playback time: 10分04秒
Dealers: BATI-BATI stream
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 10分44秒

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[BATI-BATI 38 ¦ first game ¦ スルガマナブ vs Okubo Kazuki] both reunited with shutters over time. Past unrelated to this ring. Act of the new fight against スルガマナブ (wind heaven), Kazuki Okubo ( stubborn wrestling ) up 2 people, from here!
( Journal: 7/25/2010 Kanagawa-lazona Kawasaki プラザソル ) ※ shutters-30 rule a single-throw

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