[Face blame on the sofa without handjob & kitchen spit tongue armpit blame! ] Rich second camera image (Shirina Hirai)

Dealers: Fattish
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 24分52秒

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Product Information

During the shooting, I have the staff turn the camera as a spare.

Since I am shooting from a different direction from the main camera,
The camera angle is difficult to see, but
It's not the main camera, so
The actress is completely unaware of the second camera.
Therefore, for enthusiasts who are looking for a sense of reality,
I wonder if there are people who are more excited about this.

① Shiori's older sister
Against the M man of the Tsubabero smell fetish
While spitting, licking the face, blaming the nose, etc.
I will make you squid with a nasty handjob!

② Sit across the kitchen table and
After collecting saliva in a glass, taking a close-up shot of the armpit, and rubbing saliva on an M man,
Put M man on the table
Shiori's older sister puts a glass spit in her mouth again
I'll give M man a drink and spit it out!

In addition, press the armpit spit against the nose and let the saliva drink directly!
The persistent armpit saliva pressing is a masterpiece!
!! I'm excited! I want to suffocate aside!

After that, on the contrary, I asked Shiori to sleep on the table.
M man enjoys tacochu spit, armpit smell, etc.!

The first one ends here!

Recording time 24 minutes 52 seconds
(There are two video failures)

* There is no mosaic on the actor's face in the main story.

* Because it is a sub camera, the image quality is slightly inferior.