Shaved Slut AYA [Fan Appreciation DAY] Three de M men I'll make you muddy with spit!

Dealers: Fattish
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Product Information

AYA-chan, a fair-skinned shaved beauty slut who is exploding in popularity!
Advance into the super-rich fetish world!

I knew I could meet AYA-chan,
Three spit fetish M men who participated in a hurry

Surrounding AYA on the bed, I will immediately ask for a metamorphosis Tsubabero play one after another!
Spitting, spitting, sputum spitting, sputum drinking, face licking, tongue pressing, nose blow job
AYA-chan who plays everything happily while laughing!
Moreover, the amount of saliva is incomplete!
It won't die, it will come out one after another!
Delicious bubbly spit!
It came out with a sputum cutting sound that was vulgar like an old man.
Sputum is real sputum that has become a ball!
It will be issued many times!

After thoroughly enjoying Tsubabero play,
It's time for the long-awaited rich play of each M man

M man ①
Slut AYA covered,
I just want to blame my face!
AYA really enjoys this kind of dirty play, so
M man is always erecting!

M man ②
AYA sleeping on her back in a tuna state on the bed
Enjoy the scent and taste of that body as much as you like!
Have a large amount of saliva applied to the armpits and lick it!
It looks really delicious!
You can poke your nose into your mouth, or have your nose stick out and press your nose to suck it up!
All-you-can-eat transformation play!

M man ③
Anyway, full course blame & handjob removal!

Experience all the play you want to do for men and women
Finally, get a handjob with a slapstick face blame!
I will ejaculate a lot with so much comfort!

I think that the atmosphere can be conveyed to some extent even in the sample video.
This kind of feeling (more!) Continues for 78 minutes!

★ I was planning to sell it by scene, but I decided to put it all together.
It was planned to be by scene ((1) 2980 yen, (2) 1280 yen, (3) 1280 yen, (4) 2480 yen, total 8020 yen).
This work will no longer be sold by scene.

* As a bonus video,
AYA-chan said "I want to pee!" Between scenes!
If you ask me to shoot with no use
He suggested back to me, "OK! Why don't you bukkake M man ?!"
I was happy to take a pee bukkake scene.
This is also included, so please enjoy it!

Recording time 1 hour 18 minutes 23 seconds
(There are 5 video files)

* The second event may be held at AYA-chan, so
Please feel like a participant and pull it out!

★ Full of highlights! Seriously!

★★★ There are no plans to make it a DVD! It is a download limited sale! ★★★

* DRM is not applied to this video.
* In this volume, the actor's line of sight mosaic is not applied.