Queen's Strap-on Senzuri Domination Wank under My Control

Star: 妖湖女王様 Mistress Youko 妖湖
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 27分22秒

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Product Information

Mistress Youko allows you to wank in front of her, but you have to do as she does. When she strokes her cock fast, you stroke your little cock fast. When she stops stroking her cock, you have to stop it too. She likes teasing you and making you desperate, so You couldn't cum easily but you will be happy to be allowed to wank under the Mistress' control. Even after you cum, you have to lick your finger that covered with your sperm as she commands because you always have to obey her.
Language: English and Japanese both.