Japanese Sadistic Nurse Medical Examination

Series: Mistress Youko Amrita 妖湖
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 33分33秒

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Product Information

Two Japanese sadistic nurses Amrita and Youko examine mens.
Language: Both Japanese and English

Scene1: Japanese Double Domme Nurse Medical Examination
The Japanese sadistic nurses examine a man who is on a metal medical table. The two nurses check his pain endurance and reaction with nipple torment or cock and ball torment. Even though his body is anesthetized he moves and moans quite a lot. His reaction makes the nurses excited, their examination will be harder and harder.

Scene2:Locked and Teased in Chastity by Sexy Asian Nurses
Two cruel Japanese nurses examine a patient with 4 medical gloved hands. The nurses had been locking the patient’s cock and balls for a week before the examination. They tease him and check his erection in chastity. Finally, the nurses un-lock the chastity and give him cock and balls massage gently but he has no hope because they don't give him freedom. After they play with him, they re-lock his cock in chastity. The next patient is... YOU!