Double Asian Mistresses in RUBBER [youkoism-063]

Product number: youkoism-063
Star: Mistress Patricia Mistress Youko 妖湖
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 28分33秒

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Product Information

Mistress Patricia speaks English, Mistress Youko speaks both Japanese and English in this clip.

1st scene : Latex Shining POV Two Asian Goddesses with Mistress Patricia
Mistress Youko and Mistress Patricia, two Asian Goddesses in latex. We help each other shine up Our latex. We enjoy feeling each other’s latex clad body. Our asses look so juicy, the feeling is even better when We touch and grab them. Two Asian Goddesses use Their latex covered body against each other, what a beautiful scene. Look at Our sexy gloved hands, you’ll be mesmerized by them. Then, We polish each other’s legs. We’re sweaty in latex, want to lick it? Watch Us play in latex and tease you…

2nd scene : Come Worship Two Hooded Latex Goddesses
Mistress Youko and Mistress Patricia are dressing in latex. Latex hoods, catsuits, corsets, gloves and high heels, Our bodies are fully covered in latex. We give Our latex **** a task, he needs to shine up Our latex. What a privilege he has, can serve 2 Latex Goddesses in person. It must be so good to feel the skin tight latex on the Goddesses’ bodies. Because Our **** has done his task well, We decide to give him a treat. We put him in the middle of Us, use Our shiny asses to squeeze his face. And We let him worship Our latex clad bodies, using his tongue. We spit on the latex and let him clean it up, We make him lick Our perfect latex asses, We use Our slippery latex boobs to rub against his face. We use Our latex gloved hands to cover his mouth, play with his tongue, feed him Our spit. We are what the latex dreams are made of. We are your Latex Goddesses.

3rd scene : Bath Time for Two Latex Goddesses POV
Mistress Youko and Mistress Patricia are having a bath together, in latex. Two latex Goddesses in the bathtub, gently splash some water onto each other’s body. We rub each other’s tight black latex clad ass. We touch each other’s latex hooded face. We enjoy having a bath in latex. We love the feeling of latex against latex. So much fun We’re having. So wet, so slippery, so shiny. ****, you’re very lucky, We allow you to watch Our bath time.