Ichika Kasagi I'll Grant The Perverted Fetish Desire Of Four M Men During A Break

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The shooting will be over and you will be tired
Charge to Ichika-chan
I want you to fulfill the metamorphosis desire of M men

M man is in the room one by one
I had each metamorphosis desire come true!

[For M man A]
・ I want you to spit on the mask you usually use!
(Because you can enjoy the smell of Ichika-chan's spit all day long without getting caught by others)

・ Please give me the stain pants I wore all day today! (With spit!)

[For M man B]
・ I want take-out spit for masturbation!
・ I want to be wrapped in Ichika's spit on the return train, so I want to go home.
Please blame your face at the end!

[For M man C]
・ I want to smell and taste Ichika-chan lying on her bed as much as she wants!

[For M man D]
・ I want to be squid with Ichika's footjob and handjob while being blamed violently

* Because I am taking a break, I am just wearing a gown naked.
It feels like you're at home, and your excitement doubles! !! !!

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