Double Asian Mistress Nylon Pantyhose Worship [YOUKOISM057]

Product number: YOUKOISM057
Star: Mistress Patricia Mistress Youko 妖湖
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 26分47秒

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Product Information

Mistress Patricia speaks English, Mistress Youko speaks both Japanese and English in this clip.

1st scene :
Mistress Youko and Mistress Patricia are wearing translucent black nylon pantyhoses and pointed toe stiletto heels. Two tattooed Asian Goddesses in front of you. We know you’re staring at Our nylon clad legs, We allow you to stay and watch. We touch each other’s legs, feel the smooth nylon feeling. We turn around, you can see our juicy asses, with a splash of sheer black, they look deadly delicious. We know you want to sniff them, kiss them, you even wish to put your face underneath of them.

We sit in front of you, crossing Our legs, see you become so weak, so submissive. We will give you instruction how to worship Us, start from Our high heels and then Our nylon feet. We want to see you become Our obedient ****, use your tongue to clean Our heels, and We’ll give you reward, let you under Our beautiful feet.

Imagine that, one of Us put a foot into your mouth, another put a foot on your face, it’d be heavenly. You must wish We use Our nylon feet to touch your body, play with you, that would feel so good. You’re wondering how amazing it’ll be if We use Our asses to squeeze your face. You would dream about sniffing Our sweaty crotch and feet. You can’t resist it, you’re addicted to Us...

2nd scene :
Mistress Youko and Mistress Patricia are wearing Walford nearly black nylon pantyhoses. We have a **** on the bed to let Us play with. We put Our nylon feet over his nose, make him remember Mistresses’ scents. We sit on his face with Our nylon clad ass, one by one. He’s so lucky to be Our seat, smothered by two Mistresses’ beautiful asses.

Sometimes We share the seat, sit on his face together, double the weight double the fun. Then We rest Our feet on his face, **** just can’t control himself keep sniffing Our scents deeply. And We put him in between Our tights, squeeze his face. We use Our nylon legs rub against Our ****, We put Our feet on his face. Our **** is in the nylon paradise. We know you wish you could be in his place.