Punishment and Discipline for Rubber Maid [youkoism-056]

Product number: youkoism-056
Star: Mistress Youko Mei 妖湖
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 1時間46分34秒

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Product Information

The Mistress and the female sub girl both speak Japanese in this video. You can choose with or without English subtitles.

Scene 1.
Mistress Youko's maid has been making the same mistake again and again, so the mistress decides to punish the maid who is in rubber outfits. The Mistress spanks the maid's slutty big ass with black latex gloved hands over and over. The maid apologizes for the mistake while the Mistress spanks her ass. After the ass gets a lot of spankings and it turns red, the Mistress caresses the damaged ass with soft latex thorny gloves.

Scene 2.
After the maid gets a lot of spanking, her tits are bondaged and her face is ****d with a mouth gag and a nose hook by the mistress. The mistress plays with the maid as her **** doll, She pinches her nipples hard and stretches her nostrils to make her feel ashamed. After that, the mistress gives her juicy saliva to the maid.

Scene 3.
Actually, mistress Youko has been hiring the rubber maid for her pleasure. The mistress coerces the maid to suck her black latex cock. The maid has no choice but to do that because pleasing the mistress is a part of her job. She sucks her cock with plenty of saliva to make it harder and wetter. Finally, the mistress cums on the maid's face.