Double Japanese Femdom 1 [youkoism-053]

Product number: youkoism-053
Star: Mistress Youko AMRITA 妖湖
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
File: mp4
Replay time: 39 minute, 3 seconds

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Product Information

Gorgeous Japanese double dommes Mistress Amrita and Mistress Youko dominate a sub. They both speak English and Japanese.
Scene 1 : Japanese Double Domme Foot Domination
Mistress Amrita and Mistress Youko enjoy shopping with a sub. The mistresses say they walk a lot, their feet get stinky and sweaty. Obviously, the sub needs to clean their soles and sweaty bare feet.
The sub licks their heels and soles, then sniffs their stinky foot scents until they let him stop it.
After the sub smells their stinky foot scents well, the mistresses **** him to clean up their sweaty bare feet with his pathetic tongue. He has to lick 4 Japanese Domme bore feet at the same time.

Scene 2 : Japanese Double Domme Face sitting
The mistresses are annoyed by a noisy ****. Therefore, the mistresses cover his mouth with full weight face sitting, face bouncing in various directions.
They also enjoy smother him with legs. At the end, the mistresses put him on under their 4 legs to shut him up.