How to make a national flower-Golden shower tree [KUMAKO003]

Product number: KUMAKO003
Series: 折り紙 ぶきっちょさんの折り紙教室 くま子ローズと国花の花束
Dealers: Bucchicho's Origami Class
File: mp4
Replay time: 38 minute, 18 seconds

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Product Information

I will explain how to make Kumako's original work, Golden Shower Tree.
Golden shower tree is the national flower of Thailand.
I fell in love with Thai actors and wanted to make something in Thailand.
You can decorate it even if you make a lot of it alone, or you can make two and make a bouquet.
This menu will explain how to make it for a bouquet.

Golden shower tree material
Golden shower tree = 15 cm square single-sided origami lemon color, yellow, etc.
Shibe and Tsuru = # 30 wire
Branch = # 20 wire
Wood glue

Necessary tools
Scissors (cutting paper)
Nippers (cutting wires)

How to organize a bouquet

Normally, it is a 120-minute course, but you can watch it for 7 days at the same price.
If you are not satisfied with the rental, you can purchase it indefinitely.

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Rental (7 days) 1800 yen (tax included)
SD image quality (indefinite) 3300 yen (tax included)

Those who are not good at keeping pace with those around them at the seminar
Those who cannot ask questions due to the large number of people in the seminar
Those who can't remember easily, so 2 hours is not enough
Those who are tired of getting out of the house due to corona sickness

You can watch this video on your smartphone or computer.
No matter how many times you rewind, it won't bother anyone.

Please put your heart into the work you made and make the people around you happy.

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