Latex POV Seduction2 [Mistress Youko-Ism 048]

Product number: Mistress Youko-Ism 048
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 30分51秒

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Product Information

I speak both English and Japanese in this POV video.

I will show you me wearing, caressing and enjoying my shiny glossy rubber catsuit. Also, I will flaunt my sexy rubber pussy. Adore and worship all of my latex. You will be mesmerized by Me and my black latex more and more.

I wear a latex catsuit, a hood, a corset, gloves, and socks. I'm covered in shiny sexy black latex head to toe. I will let you enjoy the wonderful aspect of my latex covered curvy body, and amazing gloss of my latex. Finally, I will use " a sniffing penis" to smell the sensual scent of my pussy and rubber. I will be intoxicated by the amazing mixed scent, you will too!