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■ [Anma set] Akari Niimura's "Denkianma" series is a 2-piece set!

Product number: AM-35z
Series: 電気アンマ
Genre: Femdom
Dealers: Tickling JAGA's (1) femdom, Blowjob, oral, tongue, etc.

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2980JPY (Including tax)
3980JPY (Including tax)
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■ ① Akari Niimura's healthy stepping refre If you **** a performance at a refre shop, kick money! Trampling! ****d launch with electric massage!

Woman "Thank you for your nomination today"

A fucking customer who touches the girl's chest and legs, saying "Is there a back op? How much is the actual production?"

Woman "Please stop!"

Man "Let's do it because it's okay!"

And when I grabbed the girl's boobs and tried to push it down ...

"Please do it!", Defeating the fucking customers and reversing the situation at once

Hold both hands of the fucking customer firmly from the top of the sofa and press the smelly raw sole against the face

If you find out the propensity of a perverted fucking customer who erects with such a smell

This time, the cock of a perverted fucking customer who was driven into the sofa and became unreasonably hard is electric massage

"Laughter like this"

"Do you get so excited about electric massage?"

And at the end, pulling both legs of the fucking customer who faints in agony and electric massage

"Look, look! You like electric massage, right? Look! To be honest, metamorphosis."

It is said that you will be ejaculated with

★ Play content

Smell the soles of the feet from the top of the sofa
Drive-in crotch electric massage machine
Standing electric massage

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 11 minutes

■ ② Akari Niimura's CFNM A cute girl punishes a naked dog by alternating electric massage and handjob for 2 minutes each, and rewards her when she gets to electric massage.

A **** dog (male) lying on the floor, a woman enters there

Woman "Did you keep quiet at Pochii's house?"

Dog "One!"

Woman "I'm on my back ~"

Dog "One!"

Woman "Are you waiting?"

Dog "One One!"

When the woman lifts both legs of the man

Woman "Electricity ... Anma ?!"

A woman who stands with a shout and starts electric massage

A man who screams and snorts in pleasure

Woman "It's a metamorphosis with such an erection even though it's a dog!

Woman "Look! Look, look, look!"

A woman who starts handjob while licking her nipple when the electric massage that feels too comfortable is over

Woman "You've become Bing ~"

A woman who licks her nipples while doing handjob,

Licking the nipple up and down with the tongue, sucking, licking in a circle while sucking,

And a woman who hunts down Pochi using all kinds of pleasure techniques such as twisting with handjob as well

Since the nipple is developed by a woman, the pleasure of handjob is added with sensitivity MAX,

The dog secretly screams many times, but I'm afraid of being punished, so I desperately put up with it

The woman sees it and makes the blame even more intense

It ’s a celebrity play that alternates.

It feels so good that I'm going crazy, and I endure it so much that I'm going crazy

And until the final turn of electric massage

Dog "Ah!"

If you exceed the threshold of patience, you will make a fierce scream and even electric massage

Woman "Great, did you get to Pochi Denkianma? Then it's a reward?"

Woman "Yes, you can open your mouth bigger."

It is said that you can drink the muddy, foamy white saliva directly with your mouth

M man who is not likely to quit Pochi for the best reward

A man who swallows spit deliciously and a woman who seems to be satisfied

Celebrity women's games will continue

≪Play content≫

Standing electric massage

Nipple licking handjob

Reward spit

[Highlight of this work]

A novel work that does electric massage and handjob one turn at a time,

Because it is CFNM, the man is naked (elephant bread for convenience) and the woman is dressed from the beginning to the end.

With a man who desperately endures not to be punished

The offense and defense of a woman who tries to make her mean and M man who injects a large amount of electric massage

It is an irresistible work for electric massage fetish

Recording: Approximately 11 minutes

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