Whitening big breasts Azusa's thrilling fetish play [Digest]

Dealers: Fattish
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 27分18秒

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Product Information

This work is a digest version of [Dr. Fetish Planning].

Outstanding style!
Clear and smooth skin!
Lips that look delicious!
Beautiful and soft tongue!
A cute and beautiful Azusa-chan's fetish world!

Even with such a daughter, spit
This "kusai" smells good for odor fetishes!


Azusa makes various surprises to amateur participants.

All of them were shot suddenly during the break of amateur participants and Azusa, so there are scenes where you can feel blurring or darkness in the image because there is no lighting.
However, including such things, I am shooting with Gachinko, so I am realistic and excited.

・Suddenly handjob/blow in the toilet (face attack)

・A saliva attack on the face of a man sleeping in a rest area!

・Fucking in the bath, handjob, face attack

・Azusa cooks bento and tea with her body!
(Salted rice, saliva tea, chews, side dishes, etc.)

・Bath, pee shower

・Great for Azusa!
Two participants pushed Azusa down and licked their bodies to their bodies!
At the end, "A lover's kiss!" from Azusa.

* In this volume, there is no mosaic on the actor's face.

Recording time 19 minutes 1 second

*Because it is a past image (early stage of Fetish), the image quality is reasonable.
Please do not claim anything regarding image quality.