Deep Throating Saliva [Leo-chan] & [19-year-old Shokotan] digest

Dealers: Fattish
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 39分46秒

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Product Information

This work is
It is a digest video of two works!

・Deep Throating 19-year-old Shokotan
・ Deep Throating Spit Leo-chan

When I'm making you deep throat,
Many people know that a lot of sticky saliva is produced!
This time, I wondered if I could taste the deep-throated saliva deliciously.
As a result, by having the person hold a deep dildo in a deep throat style
Get a lot of sticky saliva!
With tears coming out
Delicious saliva spit out one after another!

The perverted M men happily lick the spit, drink it, rub it on their face,
I smell and enjoy!

Of course, face blame using that spit is also super erection!

For handjob, use "Iramachi spit" instead of lotion!
This sounds pretty good!

Anyway, the mass spit of mud sticky is the best! !! !!


Shotan version... 19 minutes 21 seconds
Leo-chan: 20 minutes 25 seconds

*Because it is a past image (early stage of Fetish), the image quality is reasonable.
Please do not claim anything regarding image quality.