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[Audio] it is the customer development strategy of Ishikawa! Tactics for the practice of strategy (part 2)... part 2


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Keep doing mediocre things also get extraordinary results! -Ishikawa teacher interview interview-this interview that recently opened and is content to Government not listening please people worried about customer development. It is from is very important that teaches based on our own experience, Mr. Ishikawa.

It is always found out the truth, stacked certainly can. System of Government is customer development strategy of Ishikawa flow!
 Tactics for practice... strategy (part 2) part 2, the FAXDM and how the dive business to zero FAXDM claims still continues to do dive at, 'the word' and walk-in sales response and posting differences of hybrid?
  The introduction and referral business I did not expect... and too powerful, introduces the phone sales from accountants, or why the inquiry was telephone my Office? -Yellow pages benefits of the Office news finally out commercial and 'writing technique' for reason started the distribution of firm news and company labor worker.... and business is ' until (good luck) until ' maybe maybe I happened there is ' until (good luck) until ' not