Bizarre and bizarre mythology-the dark child of the forest [d-okuno]

Product number: d-okuno
Director: 遊山直奇
Star: 藤渡和聡 タカ 矢那居秀樹
Dealers: SHOW TENT
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 14分55秒

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Product Information

A part of the “Strange and Bizarre Mythology” series, which dramaized a number of mysterious phenomena such as spirits, paranormal phenomena, and occults by Naoki Yuyama, Hideki Yanai, starring “The Darkness of the Forest” Child. "

A man appears to the mythical staff. During bird watching, he encountered a bizarre phenomenon ... the video showed something childlike. Apparently, there are crowds around the forest where the man visited. A man who wants to find out what happened to a child leads the mythical staff to the forest ... What is the man's true intention ?!