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■ 2 of my classmates I and Nanami Yua, I was bullied by being called, I was bullied with gold kick and electric amma!


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Rena "Have you got some money with Mora?"

Man "I don't have it !!"

Yua "Hm ?! You're hiding here again ?!"

Do not put your hand in the pants

Find the thousand yen that were hidden.

Rena "Ha ?! One thousand yen!

Do not let the man stand up

Lena on the back of the man

Rena "Hey! Open your feet!"

Man "Huh? What do you do?"

Yua "Well, it's a golden kick's punishment w"

When a man opens his leg, he strikes a kick.

Followed by, Yumon also kick in

The two men are quite powerful kickers, but Yua's sound is heavier

The man falls down with severe pain after hitting several shots

Rena "It's a punishment for the letter 4" w

Squirrel drips a spit on the nose while putting a letter of neck 4 there, and a letter of letter 4 is applied.

In turn, Yua ga 4 feet, Lena neck 4

The legs are so broken that they are so tight, they are tightened so that their breath is about to stop

And two people hold a man's arm, pinch it with both legs, and put an arm crunchy cross

Yua "It's a punishment for your arms"

A man whose arms are limited by two people, and his strong leg tightens his neck on his neck and suffers

Two people despise the man's arm while laughing

And when the two lick the man's nipples, the man pant voices comfortably

The two men smash one piece at a time with their hand spit on the man's pants further

"I'm going to crush right"

"Here I left ball"


However, the girl who notices that a man is erecting even in such pain

Rena "Why I'm so big w because I'm like this"

And they put a man on the wall and put an electric amma to push it to the wall.

Yua "The punishable guy is a punishment for electric amma!"

Man "Please stop it!"

Two people "electricity!"

Two electric anma are intense and the electric amma continues so intense that the ball is about to be crushed

Next time Yua is a face and a crotch and a face and a teat attack with a leg and a leg,

Rana stands down while putting on a spit and applying electric amma.

"It's electric embarrassing and Gingin! If it feels so good I'll forgive you if you ejaculate with this!"

Rena "Would you like some balls? Are you so good?"

Yua "I'm tightening my neck, but I'm gingin!"

Rena "Which is the first of ejaculation and fall"

It is blamed by two beautiful girls

While being stared with Rana's cute eyes

At last the guy gets beaten by Rena-chan's pretty foot swing

Two people "I will squeeze a gold ball as punishment that has been done!

Put one kick at a time

And I gave up my leg and finally the abuse by the two beautiful girls closed the curtain.

★ play content

Penalty from the front to the back

Punctuation of the 4th character of the neck & 4th character

Double-armed crucifixion punishment

Double Nipple Fried & Double Ball Scrub Penalty

Wall chasing ball smashing double electric amma punishment

Raw Chin electric pen punishment & face, nipples punishment

Immediately after the punishment of the gold kick

Raw leg semen & punishing punishment

Recording: about 16 minutes

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