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I will tell you the fear of a woman. [Amateur couple training document ド de S her and de M boyfriend] [The second part]


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# Tribute Masochist #ATM Guy # #Financial Domination #M Man # Tribute Guy # #Slut #S Woman #Handjob #FinancialDomination #findom #paypig #RuinedOrgasm

* The video to be introduced this time is a double story front and back for production reasons. Please be forewarned.

Thank you for waiting. It is the second part.

Miyu who showed overwhelming torture that ****d "Ruined Orgasm" will finally expose his de S nature. A vicious penis band in the crotch of Miyu who changed into a mini china. It is the beginning of reverse anal training.

First of all, greetings with the transformation helmet of a boyfriend's cock and Miyu's awkward Nisechinpo. And she kneels in front of her and offers a blowjob to the Nisechinpo. This greeting, which is **** for men, shows that the boyfriend is completely yielding to her.

Then, let her boyfriend crawl on all fours and commit anal. Hentai masochist training play that is usually performed at the couple's home is deployed in front of you. It was like Yuu's technique to gently touch the cock and loosen the cock while loosening the anal that had already been developed. Stimulating the anal hole with your fingertips while saying, "Here is the prostate w", the boyfriend's cock reacts with bikun, bikun. Completely control the lower body while keeping it erect for 7 minutes without daring full erection.

An ugly cock that has fallen to the crotch of a beautiful actor. The head crawls in that gap. Finally her cock is inserted into her boyfriend's asshole. Sobu, Nu, Sobu, Nu ... The voice of the boyfriend's ahe is also increased according to the intense waist swing of Miyu-sama. I guess the compatibility is only for the anal that has been fully developed. Change the posture, posture and posture, and commit anal thoroughly. Miyu who committed anal

"I'll always show you my boyfriend, right?"

With that said, get up, stand back and hit your waist with a snap. In addition, the boyfriend's neck is tightened with a choke sleeper from behind, and the neck is squeezed. A boyfriend who was given a handjob stimulation with the asshole plucked and was in a stopped state that it was no longer possible to ejaculate anymore, quickly splattered white semen from the urethra.

But it was a sad little ejaculation. Probably, if this ejaculation was made in the first shot, the boyfriend would have obtained the best pleasure. However, the semen of the second episode was slightly diluted on this day, and the erection degree was about 70%, and the cock and semen were far from max ejaculation because only a few tens of minutes had passed since the previous ejaculation. For this reason, the pleasure is low, and it is still an empty ejaculation despite being guided by hand. For a shameful ejaculation boyfriend who breathes on the shoulder, beauty Yuu with a cool face. A look that clearly leaves room.

"Miyasu gives the best pleasure, but dares to avoid it."

I saw it all the way to my eyes.

But for what?

My question was soon to be revealed from her own mouth. An unexpected proposal was made by her.

"I'm going to take a picture of my boyfriend's real virgin graduation so I can commemorate it.

When I heard these words, I wondered, "It's strange." She told her boyfriend she had never shown her naked, but could she have sex photography so easily? However, if you could take a sex video and sell it as a video circle, it was a sham ... It is no less than Miyu who controls the shooting scene anymore, and there is no reason to refuse if he says.

In this way, as told by Ayu, she moved to her boyfriend's room and began sex photography. Of course, it's awkward to be a virgin boyfriend, but there's something wrong with her reaction on the bed. The kiss and chest massage are fleeting, and the "atmosphere that sex begins" is not at all. Without being able to blame her well, "I can't help, I'll do it."

As a photographer, I found a cold object stroking my heart and my heart.

I know this pattern ...

“If you like an RPG, my“ turn one ”ended there. The turn took place without any damage. And, consequently, this was "my last turn". "

While reminding me of a sentence I read somewhere, I noticed Miyu's aim and shook.

She doesn't want her boyfriend to have sex ...

On the contrary

On the bed, Miyu is playing with her virgin boyfriend. A nipple licking handjob that clearly got out of hand. However, for boyfriend it was clear that the limits were coming soon with the tension and excitement of the first experience. My hand with a camera shook as I came to realize the truth.

Miyu is trying to leave her boyfriend a "trauma for the first experience failure" ...

I'm trying to hurt not only my body but also my mind ...

Today's play ran around my mind like a running light. Miyu who gives **** ejaculation by Ruined Orgasm and commits in penis reverse anal. There are a lot of plays that avoid the dare to be given the best pleasure ...

From the standpoint of Ayu, I was able to understand the aim more clearly.

To be an entity that gives absolute pleasure. Keeping the food of more pleasure hanging before your eyes. Control the spirit as well as the body. Keep your mind and body from leaving. To be unique for a boyfriend. And beyond that is ──

No way ...

I filmed her boyfriend's aim while filming her boyfriend writhing on the bed.

"Why was the White Tiger Project called for this shoot in a number of doujin circles?" Conversely,

"Why we had to be a white tiger project?"

When it came to what it meant, the shock of a world reversal hit me.

Her handjob was hitting her boyfriend on the bed. For me who realized the true meaning of her = Miyu-sama, it was not "erotic" or "pleasant", but only "the worst handjob wrapped in malice".

This is a simple, na, ru, S, woman, M, man, ka, pu, le, no

It was a trick that was carefully calculated by her.


Shooting and selling it had to be a white tiger project

Is. Because we produce only one foreign work with other doujin circles and AV manufacturers.

I was caught in a terrible thing. At that point, things had progressed to the point where they could no longer turn back. He participated in a terrible plan by Miyu-sama, and he was steadily riding a strategy with the danger of changing the life of a young virgin man and his whole life.

From now on, it's terrible and terrifying, but from here on, you have to check the "video" with your own eyes and see the "truth". Last but not least, I can't forget one of her words even now that I'm trying to make it public.

"I'll tell you the fear of a woman."

At that time, I was listening to casual conversation. But this did not mean to boyfriend now. It was a “challenge” and a “provocation” for me, the photographer, and for all men in the world with a masochistic quirk. Can you face this reality? You will witness the malice required to have female distrust and female phobia. Please be prepared to see a real evil woman who is not at the level of small devils or devils ...

[Movie details]
Video time: about 50 minutes
Frame: 1920 × 1080
Photographer: White Tiger (White Tiger Project)
Production cooperation: Shinryu Oda (Blue Dragon Pictures)

* Comply with Japanese laws, prefectural ordinances, etc., and site terms of use, and there is no content that falls under the category of child pornography. * The characters appearing are models over the age of 18 and are shot on contract.
* The work is a situation video. * Samples have been modified to prevent performers' privacy infringement, company barre, and parental barre. * Secondary use, transfer, reprint, resale, etc. of the images and videos of this work are prohibited (if found, we will immediately proceed without notice and legal procedures).

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