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I will tell you the fear of a woman. [Amateur couple training document ド de S her and de M boyfriend] [The second part]


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Product Information

* The video introduced here is divided into two parts for the sake of production. Please be forewarned.

Thank you for waiting. The second part.

Miyu, who showed the overwhelming blame for exploiting "Ruined Orgasm", will finally reveal the de S nature. An evil penis band in the crotch of Miyu who changed into a mini-china. It is the beginning of reverse anal training.

First of all, I would like to greet you with a perverted combination of your boyfriend's cock and Miyu-sama's dignified fake cock. And she went in front of her and fellatio service to the fake cock. This humiliating greeting for men reveals that her boyfriend is fully succumbed to her.

And I will make my boyfriend crawl on all fours and commit the anus. The transformation masochist training play that is usually performed at the couple's home will be unfolded in front of you. It was also Miyu-sama's technique to loosen the anal that had already been developed with your finger and touch the cock lightly and let it erection sweetly. While saying "This is the prostate w" and stimulating the anal hole with the fingertips, the boyfriend's cock reacts with Bikung and Bikkun. Full control of the lower body while keeping erection for seven minutes without letting it erection.

The ugly cock that fell down between the crotch of beautiful Miyu. My head clutters in the gap. Finally her cock is inserted into the boyfriend's asshole. Zubu, Nupu, Zubu, Nupu ... The boyfriend's voice is growing with Miyu's intense swing. Isn't the compatibility perfect only for anal that has been developed? Change back, missionary position and posture and commit anal thoroughly. Miyu who raped her anal

“Now, my boyfriend will always show you the idiots?”

That's why I stand up, stand back, and hit my hips. In addition, the boyfriend's neck is tightened with a chalk sleeper from behind, and the neck is squeezed and reverse anal standing back. The boyfriend, who was given a handjob stimulus while repelling the asshole and was no longer able to ejaculate anymore, quickly splattered white semen from the urethra.

But it was a sad ejaculation. Perhaps, if this ejaculation was made in the first shot, the boyfriend would have had the best pleasure. However, the semen of the second shot was a little thin on this day, and the erection degree was about 70%, and the meat stick and semen were far away from Max because only a few tens of minutes had passed since the previous ejaculation. Therefore, the pleasure level is low, and it is still an ejaculation that is guided by hand, but is an empty ejaculation. Miyu with a cool face against a miserable ejaculation boyfriend who breathes on his shoulder. The face clearly left a surplus.

“Miyu-sama dares to avoid giving you the best pleasures you can afford.”

It looked like that in my eyes that I've been watching for a long time.

But what is it for?

My question was soon revealed in her own mouth. An unexpected suggestion was made by her.

“Since there are people who have taken photos, I would like to take a picture of my boyfriend's real virgin graduation and leave it in memory.

When I heard this word, I regretted that it was funny. She told her boyfriend that she hadn't even shown her naked, but would it be so easy to shoot sex? However, I was able to understand that if I could shoot and sell sex videos as a video circle, I would work. It is none other than Miyu who dominates the shooting scene, and there is no reason to refuse it if that person says.

In this way, as Miyu told me, she moved to her boyfriend's room and sex photography began. Naturally it is awkward because it is a virgin boyfriend, but the reaction of her on the bed is somewhat strange. The “atmosphere where sex begins” isn't completely relieved by kisses and breast massage. Without being able to blame her well, “I can't help it,” the “turn” of the offense and defense in RPG is changed….

As a photographer, I found that a chilling heart and a cold heart were stroked.

I know "this pattern" ...

“If you compare it to RPG, my“ Turn 1 ”ended there. The turn was changed without any damage being given. And as a result, this was also my final turn. ”

While remembering a sentence I read somewhere, I noticed Miyu-sama's aim and struggled.

She doesn't want her boyfriend to have sex ...

On the contrary ──

On the bed, Miyu is playing with her virgin boyfriend. Apparently pulled nipple licking handjob. However, for boyfriend, it was clear that the limit was already reached by the tension and excitement of the first experience. My hand holding the camera trembled while thinking of one truth.

Miyu-sama is trying to leave her first experience failure trauma to her boyfriend ...

Trying to hurt mentally as well as physically ...

Today's play ran through my mind like a running light. Miyu who gave humiliating ejaculation with Ruined Orgasm and committed in a strap-on reverse anal. A lot of play that avoids it though it is given the best pleasure.

From the standpoint of Miyu-sama, I can understand the purpose more clearly.

Being an entity that gives absolute pleasure. Continue hanging food for further pleasure in front of your eyes. Dominate not only the body but also the spirit. Make sure your mind and body cannot be separated. For boyfriend, to be unique. And what's ahead is ──

No way ...

I read her aim while filming her boyfriend on the bed.

“Why was the White Tiger Project called for this shoot in a number of coterie circles?” Conversely,

"Why we had to be a white tiger project?"

When I came to that point, I was shocked by the reversal of the world.

Her handjob was attacking her boyfriend on the bed. For me, who realized the true meaning of Mrs. Miyu-sama, it wasn't erotic or pleasant, but only "the worst handjob wrapped in bad faith."

This, this, ha, single, na, ru, S, woman, M, man, ka, pu, le

It was a trick that was carefully calculated by her ...


It was a white tiger project to shoot and sell it

It is. Because we make only one piece of work different from other doujin circles and AV makers.

I was caught up in something dangerous. When I realized that, the situation had progressed to the point where it could no longer be turned back. Participating in a terrible plan by Miyu-sama, I was eagerly riding on the tricks of a young virgin man who had the risk of changing her entire propensity and life.

From now on, it ’s a little regrettable, but from here on, you have to check the “video” with your own eyes and see the “truth”. Last but not least, one of her words is still forgotten.

"I want to tell you how scared a woman is"

At that time, I was listening to casual conversation. But now this didn't mean to boyfriends. It was a “challenge” to me as a photographer and to all men in the world with masochistic habits. Can you see this reality directly? You will witness the bad faith that is necessary and sufficient to hold women's distrust and phobia. Please be prepared to see a real devil who is not at the level of a small devil or demon ...

[Video details]
Movie time: Approximately 50 minutes
Frame: 1920 x 1080
Photographer: White Tiger (White Tiger Project)
Production cooperation: Shinryu Oda (Blue Dragon Pictures)

* In compliance with Japanese domestic laws, prefectural ordinances, and site terms of use, there is no content that does not apply to child pornography. * The characters appearing are models over 18 years old and are taken under contract.
* The work is a situation video. * The sample has been modified to prevent performers' privacy infringement, company barre and parent barre. * Secondary use, transfer, reprinting, resale, etc. of the images and videos of this work are prohibited. (If found, legal procedures will be provided immediately and without warning).

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