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■ 【Satsuma set】 Four sets of “Hanosaki Meino's Electric Anma” series set!

Product number: AM-18z
Series: 電気アンマ
Genre: Femdom
Dealers: Tickling JAGA's (1) femdom, Blowjob, oral, tongue, etc.

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◆ Common to all picture quality (4K, FH, SD all picture quality can be viewed !!)

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Your first choice wins! Limited sale! It will end as soon as it disappears!

1 spit of mei-chan, 4 pieces of urine

Early morning of the day of shooting, in the morning before the first tooth brushing (about 1 ml or more) and raw urine (about 20 ml)
Collected in a high sealing rate perfume bottle, and store it frozen on the spot after zip lock
※ It is not full because the volume expands when it is frozen, but more than half is included
※ Please note that some errors do not mean that we are measuring the amount correctly.
※ Suttaf wears rubber gloves and does not directly touch anyone other than himself

Only spit, the person enclosed evidence video is being published in "Sample video of all the prime sale"!
There is no sample for urine (※ The normal reproduction version will be sent to purchasers at no charge).

【How to buy】
Bank transfer
Please let us know your name, shipping address and phone number via email
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※ It is not a beverage or food. Handling at your own risk.

Because it is a perfume bottle, you can also watch the video while tasting the scent as it is
I think you can enjoy it before or after watching

E-mail address will be tsubaberomo at
Please be careful not to make a mistake

Currently, it is "on sale"
1 spit 19,800 yen (tax, shipping included) ※ 2 spit more than 1 spit at the same time 10,000 yen discount Example) 2 → → 29,600 yen ※ 1 spit for each 3,000 yen
2 urine 9,800 yen (tax and shipping included)
Shipping: Cool flight, will be borne by us
Content: The content sent will be described as "frozen candy"
Shipping origin: Ships in "Saito" to secure private
※ In addition, general delivery, date, we will respond to your request

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■ 1 Harusaki Mei's raw foot electricity An explosion of wow w wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow w

Woman "If you say so, is Uchida M?"

Man "Yeah, Maane"

Woman "What do you like to do?"

Man "I like to be bullied by feet or spit"

Woman "Well Super Pervert! W"

Woman "Let's say what you want to be"

A man is asked to have a finger on his face while sitting on his face and play with the nipple

On the sofa M man mounts his face and turns upwards, from above the woman's pussy hangs with the whole weight,

And licking a man's nipples with a finger with a slimy collar

"What's your smell like this? A good smell?"

"Let's take it to the world of a manko-ko"

"Pants are hugely bloated"

Nipple to trace the nipple and erect it to Gingin while feeling the smell of a good-looking female full of nose

This time, a man who asks you to kick until you beat the gold ball

When a man and a woman stand face to face, the woman starts kicking a gold coin

He started kicking with a slight reluctance, but as he got used to it, he started kicking cleanly.

The man is finally unbearable KO gets unbearable for the kicking which becomes powerful gradually

A man squirts on his face and asks you to apply an electric massage to his face.

The woman sits on the couch and grips the man's hands.

Spit a large amount of accumulated spit on the face and paint it with your feet

"Because I'm stuffy, I smell it."

"What kind of feeling does it take to be a face electrician?"

A man sits down and asks you to do an electric amma in the crotch as you drive it to the wall

A man sits down on a wall and when a woman sits in front of it, he grasps the ankle tightly and starts electric electric hammer

"Would you like to be slow? Which one will you be faster?"

"Are you crush?"

"Don't you say that you feel good about electricity?"

"I'm able to stain the pants this pervert!"

"Do you want to squeeze the right ball and the left ball?"

"Well, it's good to see you on foot"

A man takes off his pants, stands and exhales while spitting, and asks you to do an electric massage.

When a man sleeps on the floor, a woman takes off a man's pants, spits a spit, and starts electric electric massage with live cock looking

"Do you feel good about electricity?"

"I wish I could do it! Did you want to do this?"

While laughing at the figure that seems to be going well even if the man stands for going

It seems that de S itself is the one that blames even electricity

The woman who wanted to play with the M man who didn't want to go out yet got up on the woman

But this was not the end

Immediately after the woman who begins to blame

"Can you get more? Can you get more?"

A woman who accelerates the electric massage while laughing with the M man and the guerrilla who seems crazy

The electric anma of hell continues without remorse to the man who screams

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Face Sitting Spit Nipple Blame

Gold kick hell until it falls

Facial collar electric massage

Wall driven electric anma

A lot of spit stand electric anma

Immediately after abolition electric blame electric massage

[The highlight of this work]

It is necessary to have time with the electric power anma main, but

As a man hasn't been out for days, he will soon be ready

While knowing that I put up with something, while laughing at Norinori

My niece's de S っ good to blame, smile is really cute

There is no other girl who can enjoy the electric lamp so much so far

Please take a look at the battles of women who never turn in and women who never turn out

Recording: about 16 minutes

■ If sexual harassment to the beauty nurse in the hospital of 2 Harusaki Mei, I was ****d to ejaculate to the electric anno

A nurse comes to the sleeping man

Nurse "How do you feel?"

Man "Oh, it's in good shape"

Nurse "Oh, I will measure your blood pressure." When you grasp the man's arm, the man stretches his hand to the chest,

With the nurse, "Hey, where did you touch this perverted guy!" And hold his arms with both hands and step on the man's face with your feet.

The nurse's feet sink into the man's face while grabbing his arm

Man "What do you do?"

Nurse "Where are you touching?"

And while licking the man's nipples, put your hand in the pants and start the handjob inside the pants

A man is accused of two sexual zones at the same time, the nipple and crotch both erect to Gingin, and it is attacked by the ejaculation feeling immediately

Man "Hey (handjob) I think too fast"

Nurse "Because I have to clean up and I'll do sexual harassment again!"

Nurse "I have to punish you, I'll smash it!"

When you let the man sit on the wall, put an electric lamp to drive it to the wall

Nurse "Here you crush the ball right? W"

Nurse "It's a punishment, I have to crush it w"

Nurse "Just crush the left ball w"

Man "I got a little bit better"

Nurse "Don't feel good!"

Nurse "Crushing gold coins"

Nurse "This is it!"

With the back of the wall, I can not escape the man, and my leg is swayed and I push the wall into the wall

And next, while applying the character of neck 4 with the foot,

I spit my wing,

Rub into the nose of a man,

Start messing with nipples,

Nurse "Because I'll Spit You"

And the dexterous nurse who crouched crotch with the opposite leg of the person who tightens further

Nurse "Aha nipples suddenly got stiff w"

Man "Oh yeah ... I'm dead"

Nurse "Don't you die?

A nurse who spit on the nose

Even with the foot tightened

The nose is covered with a collar,

A man who sucks it from the nose and makes it more difficult to breathe

Nurse "Would you like so much electricity?" Nurse applies electricity to the man from the top of the couch.

Nurse "Oh, I'm having an erection, I'm not good! I'm closing my legs!"

Nurse "You're punishing, but it makes you feel comfortable and want you to do it directly?"

Man "Hay!" While taking off his pants

Nurse "Well, let's take off your pants, right?"

Nurse "Do you want me to stand up?" The nurse gets up and lifts the man's leg and gets ready again.

Nurse "Please do not use electricity?"

A man "Please give me an electricity please" nurse who slips in at high speed at the same time

Nurse "Do you feel good about electricity? Do you understand electricity?"

Nurse "Don't you collect?"

Man "Don't build up!" Nurse adds a collar and accelerates further

Man "This is dangerous! This is really real! No good!"

Nurse "Hook!"

A man is going to get excited soon so much of pleasure

Endure desperately, it is limit already! It really is not good! Shouted repeatedly,

A woman applies electric anma while laughing at it

Nurse "I'm a foot metamorphosis!"

Nurse "Hora Idiot! Hora! Hora Ike!

Nurse "Go? Aren't you? Aren't you? Electric ang! Good! Good! Don't stand it!

A man who gets out of nowhere on a nurse's feet that raises the electric power to MAX output

Nurse "Dirty feet clean! Let's give up?"

The woman licks the foot that has been stepping on the crotch of the man from tiptoe to the heel evenly until now,

Laughed so happy

«Play content»

Milk fir face stomping

Nipple licking pants inside collar hand job

Wall drive electric anma

Neck 4 shaped face spit

Tsubaki plenty of standing electric electric pen

Stir in feet

[The highlight of this work]

The nurse who tries to make the man who somehow endures the mind manage

I'm afraid I'm going to laugh at a while watching a man who bears desperately trying to live up to it

Smile of Ms. Harusaki is too cute.

It's time for the electricity! It is unbearable to like electricity and anma

They use a lot of words that say electric anma and blame me for words.

It is a must-see if you want to be squeezed by Ms.

Recording: about 17 minutes

■ 3 When I see a girl in Harusaki Mei licking my feet, I was spited electricly by the feet of slimy in a spit

Woman sniffing his feet on the couch

Woman "Ha? Is it a bad smell"

Woman "My feet are delicious!"

Woman "It smells like my feet Japanese style hamburger"

A woman who gives up one's own leg like a politely one by one foot

A man comes in at the point of giving up

Man "Huh? What a bit of it"

Woman "What is Uchida-kun doing?"

Woman "My feet are smelling like a Japanese style hamburger now, so let's smell it from aw delicious!"

When a man sits under the couch

A woman holds a hand and applies electric massage to the face and crotch at the same time

Woman "Do not you taste like Japanese style hamburger?"

Man "sickly smells"

Woman "Does it feel good to be embarrassed?"

And this time, a woman who targets only to the face and does electric massage to the face

Woman "Would you like it?" ! Spit a lot on my face and

While rubbing the woman "oh! Guchogucho w", I rub the collar with my feet.

Woman "I made it to grated sauce w"

When it smells so as not to dislike the smell of the collar and feet, this time, hold on both feet firmly from the top of the sofa,

A woman who puts an electric amma in her crotch

Woman "I used to do this a long time ago, friend I'm niece"

Woman "It feels good? Where do you feel good?"

Man "Kintama"

Woman "Kintama? Let's smash the Kintama?"

A man whose erection doesn't cover even if accused of a gold coin.

A woman takes off a man's pants

Pez! When I put a collar

Barefooted Electric Amma

And when we get up and get ready

A woman "Electricity ... Anma? !!"

Woman "Japanese-style hamburger-style electric bean paste w"

A man who is likely to be overwhelmed by the feeling of so much please ask for it slowly.

Woman "Would you like to relax? (Kolden) Gorigori but I'm www"

Woman "Ikina! Come on! Come on! Come on!"

A man who gets tired when he accelerates the electric lamp again

Woman "You've got it with your feet!"

Woman "It's super cute and funny!"

Woman "Can't stop yet? Uchida-kun still can?"

The woman who blame for the sensitive chin immediately after and ejaculation

She kept smiling and having fun with the electric lamp.

«Play content»

Women themselves feet stinking feet licking

Facial crotch simultaneous electric massage

Facial collar electric massage

Sofa Sitting Electric Anma

Tsubaki plenty of standing electric electric pen

Immediately after abolition electric blame electric massage

[The highlight of this work]

A woman who smells the smell of her legs like crazy.

It is a specific smell called Japanese style hamburg

Stir the odor and taste, and intense smell that seems to smell even through the camera mixed of foot and collar

It is smelled and stepped on,

Not only electric anma fetish but also foot fetish, it is a work which is unbearable to smell fetishism.

Recording: about 11 minutes

■ Four spring saki Mei's CFNM cute girl alternates electric massage and handjob for 2 minutes by naked dog, and if you are in handjob you will give punishment if you are in handjob and give reward when it comes to electric kettle

A **** dog (man) lying on the floor, a woman comes in

Woman "Pochi ぃ is also cute today?"

Dog "One!"

Woman "Are you a good girl?"

Dog "One!"

Woman "Nee today, there is a reward if you get in handjob, and there is a reward if you go to the electric fan"

Dog "One One!"

When a woman spit on a man's crotch

Woman "Electricity ... Anma ?!"

A woman who stands with her voice and starts an electric massage

A man who makes a voice and sings

Woman "Every dog is erected so much and it's transformation, isn't it Pochi! Hey !?"

Woman "Hole! Here and there!"

A woman who starts nipple hand job with her hand hanging over her hand when electric anoma that is too pleasant is over

Woman "It's your punishment if you come here, right?"

The woman who licks a teat further while doing hand job,

I lick a teat up and down with a tongue, suck it, lick it like drawing a circle while sucking,

And a woman who uses handfulness as an overhand and twists and uses all kinds of pleasure techniques to chase down Pochi

Because the nipple is developed by a woman, the pleasure of handjob is added with sensitivity MAX,

The dog will put up desperately because it is scared to be punished many times

The woman sees it and makes it more violent

Continue it for 2 minutes

Feel good enough to go crazy, put up for something crazy

And until the last turn of electricity

Dog "Oh, it's no good! I'm sorry!"

Woman "Say it"

Dog "Oh no! Do it! Do you meet ??"

Woman "Get out!"

The dog "Oh yeah! Come out!"

Woman "Wow w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

Exceeding the threshold of patience will give a fierce roar to the electric pan

Woman "is it a reward?"

Woman "Good to get along with rewards?"

A woman who licks dirty legs with semen

A man who looks good and a woman who looks happy

The game of celebrity women will continue from now on

«Play content»

A lot of spit stand electric anma

Nipple licking Sometimes foot licking Handjob

Stir fry dirty

[The highlight of this work]

A novel work that performs electric anma and hand job one turn at a time,

Since CFNM, men are naked and women are dressed from beginning to end

With a man who bears desperately not to be punished

M man who makes a big jet up to the offense and defense of the woman who tries to make it go wild and the electric ang

It has become an irreplaceable work for Electric Anma Fetish

Recording: about 15 minutes

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