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■ [Satsuma set] 5 sets of "W Electric Anma" series of Saki Hayakawa and Yu Nanami.

Product number: AMW-16z
Series: 電気アンマ
Genre: Femdom
Dealers: Tickling JAGA's (1) femdom, Blowjob, oral, tongue, etc.

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↓ This is a great deal!

◆ Common to all picture quality (4K, FH, SD all picture quality can be viewed !!)

Five in total 12,400 yen, 8,980 yen!

※ Cart limited price in blog is 8,680 yen !!! [approximately 30% OFF !!]

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Your remaining 3 books!

1 actress: Yuya Nanami 1 bottle
2 actresses: Yuki Hayakawa 1
One blend of 32 people

Early morning on the day of shooting, in the morning before the first tooth brushing (about 1 ml or more)
Collected in 5 ml of high sealing rate perfume bottles and stored frozen on the spot

※ It is not full because it expands when you freeze it.
※ Because it does not necessarily measure the amount accurately, it is sales as "about 1 ml or more"

We are releasing personal enclosed evidence video in "Sample video of full sale"!
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■ 1 Hashikawa Yuki and Nanami Yua's two forks were beaten by a gold kick, and they were made to ejaculate with electric amma by spit attack.

Her niece who called a birch man and her best friend Yua, the man enters her room without knowing that there is a woman of the best friend.

To scold a bizarre man

The two assault a man with intense binta and kick

I would like two people who come only to the left cheek on the other side! But begging,

Saddle is aimed at the left cheek, two people of De S can not hear

And when you open your crotch, you will take turns kicking a strong kick.

«Nanaumi Yua-chan's gold kick is feeling sharp and sharp pain runs, and Hayakawa Yuki's gold kick is a heavy nausea level. (Boy talk) »

With a heavy kick of Yuki, the man falls down while finally fainting.

Yuki wears the character of neck 4 with a foot.

A man is dangerously many times overwhelmed by the serious neck 4 character.

At the same time, Yua lifts both legs of the man and applies electric massage.

A man suffers from barking with a strong electric power, making a man faint, making it easy to break it down, and blaming from the top and bottom.

And they put on their shirts and pants

When the man is lowered under the couch,

It will be followed again by the 4th letter of the neck and the sentence of the electric pen.

Yuuki spit a spit on his hand and rubs his spit on his nose.

And it changes and this time the character of neck 4 and Yuki put electric anma while putting Yuagada on her face.

Yuki's electric anma is intense and squeezes her legs while squeezing a gold ball and a man screams many times.

Yuki holds electric arms in her face with her hands and spits on her crotch while applying electric amma in her crotch.

Too much pain I urge the man closing his legs to open his legs many times.

Yua "Hey hey, do you want to be slow? Or do you want to make small increments or do you want to strengthen?"

Man "Please slowly"

Yua "Fast and strong!"

While it is good, it emits a fierce electric anma.

Yuki closes the leg and defends the leg of the man who defends with ****.

And the next time Mizuki takes charge of crotch electric anma, Yua takes charge of facial electric anma, and blames in the same way.

Yuki wears an electric anma while putting more weight than before. I put the entire weight on one foot and I smashed a gold ball.

Yumo also put a foot bottle on the face, rub the face with both feet and crush a man.

A double electric amma is applied barefoot to a dumb man with bare feet.

And when they take off their pants, electric electric reed is resumed.

Bruno Bruno and a man's chin swinging around with his feet.

Two people put an electric massage so as to envelop them with their feet,

Lubricant spouts a spit of a gnoon over and over again,

When the man gets awake, the vibration of the two legs accelerates further and finally he can not stand it.

When a man feels good and offended,

The electric crotch is further blamed to the electric crotch!

A man dies. Shouted, but the two did not stop the electric amma,

When the man got angry, they let the man give up their feet and finally they were released from the electric power hell.

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Spitting Binta Kick & Gold Kick

Facial Tsubakire neck 4 character nipple blame & standing electric massage

Facial collar electric massage & standing electric massage

Tsubaki plenty of double standing electric electric pen

Immediately after abolition electric blame electric massage

The highlight of this work

Two people who were very close and breathless,

The super S 瑞 is impressed by the de S 瑞, and Yua is tangled and the de S is demonstrated.

It looks like it looks like it hurts more than making two people feel comfortable with it.

Anyway, it hurts the crotch of a man so much that it may collapse.

But in the end, the man is led to heaven exactly to the super vibration electric ang, but it is immediately dropped to the hell immediately after a strong attack.

Recording: about 25 minutes

■ 2 2 Hayakawa Yuki and Nanami Yua I'm a big shot until the pleasure two electric classmates of two cute classmates who compete with each other!

Madonna's classmates in class,

I'm sitting on my side.

Yuki "Hey hey me and Yua-chan which do you like?"

Men say that they both like it, but they blame the man to decide either.

The two play with cock while licking nipples.

Every time the tongue crawls over the teat, the man shakes his body like a fish thrown on the land.

If you let a man who can't choose one feel numbness and let the men choose which one you like with electric amma,

A man is lowered from the sofa, holding his hand from the top of the sofa, and two people walking his face and crotch at the same time.

A man of great excitement that the electric powers of Madonnas in the face and crotch are in class.

The nose was completely wrapped in the feet of two people,

The smell of the feet fills the inside of the man's nose with sour smell.

The crotch is intensely electrosuction while being disliked the smell,

A man's crotch becomes gingin in the pants.

When two men take off their pants,

The crotch that had put on the tent in the pants with pain, had a face with Brun.

And while they put on their wings,

Barefoot and Double Electric Amma with Two Guys,

Yuki is on the left foot,

Yua is the right foot,

Like a man's chinpo,

While making a hump in place of the tongue as a lotion

"Become more comfortable until the electricity?"

"Does this vibration feel good?"

I look at it in small steps and continue to apply a pleasing electric anma.

And again,

"Is electric sperm put out spermatozoon?"

And the power up the vibration and the man is hit a large amount of semen under the two beautiful legs.

Still two blame not stop

Relentlessly clinging to a man who felt good

Man "The two were feeling good."

The two are

"I will decide again which one I feel better next time!"

It is said that the two electric trains have been carried over to the next time ...

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Double teat licking & swallowing ball 竿

Double face crotch simultaneous electric massage

Tsubaki plenty of double electric bean paste

The highlight of this work

Two girls of a very cute classmate compete with one another,

The highlight is the place where a large amount of spermatozoa is squeezed by two people to the electric pan.

Because the finish scene is the ejaculation up scene of two people's feet and crotch,

It is an article recommended for those who stick to the ejaculation up to the electric pan.

Recording: about 11 minutes

■ Abusive electric amma hell received from two sisters of Yuki Hayakawa and Yu Nanami

I am the youngest girl with two sisters

She always receives sexual imagery from her two sisters.

Two older sisters came to me where I am sleeping today ...

First daughter Yuki "Hey still sleeping?"

Yua's next woman, "I'm going to wake up again because I'm getting sick"

Yuki gets a nipple attack with her hand while putting on a face while sitting on the face of her younger brother and Yua puts an electric amma while sitting down

Yuki covers his brother's nose and mouth with his crotch so that he can not breathe

When I try to turn my face, my nipples are tightened.

Electric massage gets stronger, and it is ****d against the face again by **** and can not breathe freely.

Yuki "A great nipple has come up!"

Yua "I've got something up here too"

Nozomi "It's a nice chair, as usual"

And this time she makes face sitting and nipples attack, but Yuki puts electric amma.

Just like Yui Yuki, she is suffocated on her face, Yuki is accused of a few steps more intense electric amma than Yua, and her younger brother Ijime accelerates further.

Yua "Do you like electricity anma so much?

And when they go to both sides of their brother,

Two people begin to give foot crotch with the foot while pinching or biting nipple from both sides at the same time

Two happy brothers caught in their thighs don't miss out and bite in their nipples

The voice of the younger brother who had made a sloppy voice until then is ah! It turns into a scream similar to a screaming

Trying to bite the nipple as if biting into a badly chipped meat

And when they take their brother off the couch, they put an electric amma on their face and crotch

And in the morning, one person's thick spit is put on two people, and the smell of the sole mixes.

In addition, the soles of the foot are squeezed in small increments, and a sour smell plunges into the full nasal cavity of the man.

"Hey take off this pants?"

When I take off my younger brother's pants, I put a kick in the foot in the crotch and Yuki

We use double electric amma with bare feet for two people while using ame and whip properly.

"I love you so much!"

"Your virgin-love's favorite electric energy still?"

Unlike the traditional electric anma, the two men are mainly blamed to make them feel better

The younger brother of the virgin gets excited by the fact that the electric amma is done by such two cute elder sisters, and finally the small electric ank of the two elder sisters make up

To my younger brother who feels too good and shakes his body

During the rest time, a further current is poured by two beautiful legs

"I'm going to give you an electricity daily"

From now on my younger brother is trained by the body that can only be done by the electric amma by two elder sisters ...

Play content

Face Sitting Spit Nipple Blame & Sitting Electric Amma
Double Nipple Blame & Double Footjob
Facial collar & crotch electric massage
Tsubaki plenty of double electric bean paste
Immediately after abolition electric blame electric massage

The highlight of this work
It is a work of the highlight of sexual mischief to the younger brother who is such miserable and hateful that is deprived of the first knowledge by two elder sisters.

Recording: about 14 minutes

■ I who can not move under the anesthesia of 4 Hayashikawa Yuki and Nanami Yua was made electric massage by two beauty nurses and ****d ejaculation.

A man who had surgery at the hospital, who is still under anesthesia, comes with two beautiful nurses as a man who can not move.

Senior nurse Yuki "How are you?"

Man "No, I can't move because of anesthesia."

Junior nurse Yua "I will measure blood pressure then"

Yua grabs a man's arm, makes him touch his chest directly, and steps on the man's face with his foot

Yuuki licks a man's nipples and puts her hand in the pants and starts handjob inside the pants

Yua "Hey, your feet at night work, you smell so bad"

Yuki Nozomi: "We've been working hard since we got tired, so we chose you for sexual processing."

Even though a man is working on anesthesia, only the chinpo responds well and becomes binbin

And Yuuki and Yua are switched,

Next time Yuki gets a touch on her chest,

I step on my face with my feet,

Yua commits a man by hand handjob while licking a teat.

Yuki urges the man to suck the stinky feet of the night work from the nose many times

A man inhales the scent of a noble foot with a nose as if being engulfed by something

Then they let the immovable man fall down from the bed and let them sit by the wall,

Two people put electric electric pen to drive into the wall

"I love intensely, right?"

And the bottom of the foot of two people is dedodedo gold ball that can not move in anesthesia and the wall! Attacked relentlessly,

It takes to crush.

Nanami "I can not run away w"

Nozomi "Because I've been driven into the wall, you can't escape anywhere"

In addition, the stimulation to the eyebrow is added,

Men taste pain and pleasure at the same time,

The tip of the erected pants is full of patience juice

Yuki throws a spit on her face while wearing a four-necked figure with her foot

Yua lifts the man's legs,

Turn on electric lamp

We change it again alternately and commit the man thoroughly

The neck is tightened with the smell of Yua's rich plum and the beautiful legs

Nozomi is violently blamed in the crotch, and a man feels that a white thing rushes into the testis

Two people wondered that

Take off the pants of the man, lift one leg at a time and put on the collar as expected of the man

Double Electric Amma with Two People

A man asks you to do the electric pan in small steps so that they are wrapped in the foot of two people

Yuki "I want to be wrapped w"

Yua "Would you like to be wrapped in stinky feet w"

Yuki "I want to be wrapped w w what kind of sex w w like electric anma w w"

Yua "Ahaha w de hentai w you w"

As the man desires, Yuki wraps the man's crotch with his left foot and Yua's right foot, and applies electric anma,

Two raw feet are spitless and slippery at a tremendous speed

In the end, Yuki is sitting down to the electric anma, and the anomalous electric anma called a electric anma standing up to the electric anma,

A man gives a sloppy pant voice, can not resist, and shoots at the soles of two people

And when the semen attached to the sole is licked by two people,

Enjoying the smell of the man's semen and the sour foot soles of the night work with the nose and mouth so disgustingly, when I stir-fry, the man was finally released ...

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Breast-touched face stomping & nipples licking pants inside collar hand job
Double wall drive electric anma
Neck 4 shaped face collar hell & electric anma
Spit plenty double standing electric anma
Double-legged licking

The highlight of this work

Electric massage can be applied while being blamed by the smelly feet and smelly teeth of the nurse after night work
And the man can not move the body by anesthesia after surgery.
It is a content that includes reverse **** elements that can ejaculate two people

Recording: about 16 minutes

■ 5 Hayakawa Yuki and Yui Nanami absurd double electric massage ejaculation

This is the fifth shot actor

It has been four times until the electric fan so far, it seems that almost no sperm remains in his batter's gold ball

Still because de S Yua-chan and Yuki-chan want to ejaculate one more shot, they were suddenly planned

Hayakawa "Why do you want it?"

A man tells two people the electric anma they want

First of all, with two people sitting down, the electric electric massage

His gold ball that has received strong gold kicks and ball smashing electric beads screams

And next, take off the pants and stand by two people and let's enjoy the electric massage

Please hold your tongue and shake your leg in small steps. Cries out

Two people who hate being ordered

"It's decided this!"

However, two people who want to ejaculate a man by all means grasp the foot firmly at the most comfortable point and accelerate as it is

A man blows semen

The semen loses whiteness and is almost transparent

It was telling the spectacularness of the 5th Iku ...

Play content

Double electric anma from above sitting pants

Raw feet raw chin standing double electric bean paste

The highlight of this work

I'm going to sit and stand in a pure and basic double electric anma

I do not want to see the foreplay!

I do not need a situation!

It is recommended for those who want to see only electric amma purely

Recording: about 11 minutes

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