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[Tont fetishism] Yukina-chan Vero image Gekikawa face mosaic no photo included!

Product number: IM-006
Genre: Spitting
Dealers: Pussy tongue fetish pavilion

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1500JPY (Including tax)
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File List:JPG画像(5枚)

TypeSizeImage qualityReplay timeDRMStreamingDownload
jpeg 2.63MB 526,850kbps None impossible possible
jpeg 3.04MB 608,000kbps None impossible possible
jpeg 2.37MB 474,900kbps None impossible possible
jpeg 2.01MB 402,700kbps None impossible possible
jpeg 1.76MB 351,350kbps None impossible possible
jpeg 0.01MB 1,300kbps None impossible possible
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Product Information

It is Yukina (25 years old) who had you cooperate for photography this time!

It is a caretaker, a very favorite face! ! cute. Yukina who seems to be absolutely cute no matter who looks. By the way, Yukina-chan's kanji is written as "Yukina". Somehow it's fashionable but it's cool!

And the tongue fetishism hall first! In addition to Yukina-chan Bello image, Yukina-chan face image without mosaic is also included! ! ! So far, the mosaic part of the face was your imagination, but this time you can also see the cute Yukina-chan who has no mosaic! Yukina's face image of this page, the delusion of the contents of the mosaic is unnecessary this time! I want to have a face with a vero image eventually ...

Well, cute cute Yukina-chan's tongue is !?

[Yukina-chan specs]

Age: 25 years old (at the time of contribution)

Type: Cute system (prefer manager!)

Occupation: Nursery teacher

Smoking: unknown (perhaps not smoking)

Relationship with Manager: Friends of Friends

Similar celebrities: Kamakura Satoshi, who made her eyes a bit bigger!

Gap: None

※ Similar celebrities are the views of the manager.

※ With respect to the tongue that can be imagined from the girl's appearance, the gap expresses the presence or absence of the gap in the manager's view.

【Product Details】

Product ID: IM-006

Commodity medium: Vero image (5 sheets), face image (5 sheets)


Vero image (I will not describe the size and image quality for girl face images)

yukina-1 (3024 × 4032) image quality: 4 (bad: 1 to 5: good)

yukina-2 (3024 × 4032) image quality: 3 (bad: 1 to 5: good)

yukina-3 (3024 × 4032) image quality: 3 (bad: 1 to 5: good)

yukina-4 (3024 × 4032) image quality: 4 (bad: 1 to 5: good)

yukina-5 (3024 × 4032) image quality: 5 (bad: 1 to 5: good)

Price: 1,500 yen

About the product: In order to prevent personal identification, it is an image in which only the tongue (around the mouth) is taken, not the entire face. The girl's face is not shown, so please make sure there are no mistakes.

[Impression of manager]

No, I was scared rather than excited when I got the image of Yukina-chan (laughs), but I do not know why I am scared (laughs) I think now that I was expecting the image quality. Such Yukina-Chan, the tongue of the tongue and the tongue, and the tears that were taken so that the bottom of the tongue could be clearly seen.

Scary → relieved → gratitude → excitement → explosion

Such a flow of feelings (laughs) Anyway, I think that every time I see a face, this is a cute girl named Belo, who likes the janitor. I will go out this time.

By the way, this product also has Yukina's mosaic-free face image!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the manager.

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