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■ 【Satsuma set】 W set of 5 electric embassies of "Electric Anma" series of Arashi and Sakisaka Hanakoi!

Product number: AMW-17z
Series: 電気アンマ
Genre: Femdom
Dealers: Tickling JAGA's (1) femdom, Blowjob, oral, tongue, etc.

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8980JPY (Including tax)
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↓ This is a great deal!

◆ Common to all picture quality (4K, FH, SD all picture quality can be viewed !!)

Five in total 12,400 yen, 8,980 yen!

※ Cart limited price in blog is 8,680 yen !!! [approximately 30% OFF !!]

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[Spit sale] will do this time!

further! [Urine sale] is also from this time!

※ All can be purchased here, even anyone other than the purchaser

Actress: Sakisaka Hanakoi

In the early morning of the day of shooting, limited to about 1 ml of saliva before brushing teeth in the morning to six people,

And I will also sell the first urine of the morning (about 20 ml) to a limited 7 people!

We are releasing personal enclosed evidence video in "Sample video of full sale"!

(※ The normal reproduction version will be sent free of charge to the purchaser)

After being enclosed in a signature bottle with a signature of the user, it is zip-locked and stored frozen

(※ Of course, the staff wear rubber gloves, and we try not to touch directly except the person directly)

【How to buy】

Please let us know your name, shipping address and phone number via email

We will tell you this bank transfer account on a first-come-first-served basis (transfer within 3 business days please)

As soon as payment is confirmed, it will be shipped one by one

※ If you can not confirm the transfer, contact will be delivered to the next point in sequence

※ The deposit will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, after the sold out deposit will be refunded with the transfer fee deducted.

Because it is a perfume bottle, you can also watch the video while tasting the scent as it is

I think you can enjoy it before or after watching

※ It is not a beverage or food. Handling at your own risk.

Email address is

tsubaberomo ata and

Will be
Please be careful not to make a mistake

Currently, it is "sold out"

Price: Video reference

Shipping: Cool flight, will be borne by us

Contents: We assume sending contents "frozen candy"

Shipping origin: Ships in "Saito" to secure private

※ In addition, general delivery, date, we will respond to your request

(※ We have about one week for shipping time)

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■ 1 Hanyu Arisa and Sakisaka Hanakoi's premium foot fetish club Too cute older sister I tried to ask for electric massage and foot fetish play

One man who came to a high-class foot fetish club, two beautiful women are sitting on both sides.

Hanyu "Welcome to a high-class foot fetish club today"

Sakisaka "What do you want to do today?"

Man: “When I was a child, I was annoyed by electricity, and it was the first time I became familiar with a girl from my classmate. At that time, I was good at being able to go on the hook or put on a professional wrestling skill, That's why I want you to get angry. "

Sakisaka "Eh super transformation"

Hanyu "What do you want to do today?"

Mr. "Hatsuo-san wants to wear the letter of the neck 4 and spit the hand and rub it into my nose, and I also want to blame the nipple and so on.

May Ms. Sakisaka ask for the shape of foot 4 and electric anma? "

Hanyu "Because I'll make you a lot of pain and I'll make it yourselves."

Hanyu "I will rub a lot of spit too much"

Sakisaka "Shall we go down? How are you doing?" Sakasaka squeezes electric anma in small steps while putting the character of foot 4, and this time Sakisaka wears 4 necks and Hanyu takes 4 electric anma.

A man's chinpo getting bigger and bigger.

Hanyu "Well, what do you want to do next?"

A man asks Hanyu for a facial electric amma, and for Mr. Sakisaka, an electric amma at the crotch.

Two people "Suh ... Electric Ammer !!" and electric massage between the face and crotch at the same time.

Hanyu "It's good to be slow."

Sakisaka "Or is it fast?"

Sakisaka "Sensey Electric Anma?"

Hanyu "I'm happy I'm happy with two such pretty girls"

Well then, Hanyu turns into a crotch and Sakisaka turns her face into electricity.

Hanyu "Wait for weight or not, I might wreak it w"

Sakisaka "You can't stand it?

To the man who wants more weight, Hanyu puts weight on a squeeze and a gold ball, and if the electric power is intense, the man becomes alive.

Man "I want you to do more. I want two people to do the electric amma."

When two people lift one leg at a time

Hanyu "Well, then I'm smashing my gold ball"

Sakisaka "I also squeeze a lot of gold here"

Two of them put a electric ball aiming at the ball,

Two people "double electric ... Anma !!"

And violently hit the ball of men.

When a man asks for an electric anma to wrap around with his two legs, he makes a pant voice for a different pleasure.

Hanyu "Let's have some more sperm?"

Sakisaka "Haraday ... if we go to our electricity?"

The two raise the electric power plant to the MAX output, and when the violent vibration is given, the man finally can not stand it.

Hanyu "Eh, but I'll give it up"

Sakisaka "Because it's still not here"

Even more intensely powered by electricity,

The man was made heroic.

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Facial swallow fit neck 4 character nipples & foot 4 character sitting electric massage

Facial collar electric massage & standing electric massage

Tsubaki plenty of double standing electric electric pen

Immediately after abolition electric blame electric massage

Recording: about 16 minutes

■ Sexually ****d electric amma hell received from two sisters of two Hanyu Arisa and Sakisaka Hanakoi

My eldest son is my eldest son with two sisters,

Two younger sisters come to me where I am sleeping today, and a violent sexual bully begins.

Two sisters come to the man sleeping on the couch.

Sakisaka "Hey, how long are you sleeping?"

Hanyu "I'll wake up because I'll do it!"

So good, Sakisaka put a foot on his brother's face and attacked a nipple with a hand with a brim, and Hanyu put an electric amma while sitting down.

Sakisaka "Oh, I see, I already have a nipple."

Hanyu "Horora Guri Guri Cha chopsticks"

This time, Hanyu put a foot on his brother's face and put a spit on his nipples, while Sakisaka put an electric amma while sitting down.

A man is barked by the scent of electric anma and legs that echo to the brain in small steps of electric anma and Sakisaka, which is said to be the polar region of Hanyu's pleasure system.

Mr. Sakisaka's foot smells like a healthy girl who looks good in metabolism.

Mr. Hanyu's foot smelled of an adult woman.

When two people sit on both sides of the man,

Two cocks begin the spit hand job inside the pants while tightening the nipple with plenty of saliva from both sides at the same time.

Hanyu "I will rub it in full"

Sakisaka "I love your brother"

Two cute little sisters are filled in with plenty of saliva and she receives a five point attack of niece, gold ball and both teats.

And while Sakisaka spit on the face while holding both hands, electric amma on the face and Hanyu spit on the crotch while the electric amma in the crotch.

Hanyu "Oh my brother, I've been bullied every day now, have you been fond of being bullied?"

Sakisaka "Big brother transformation monne niece"

This again turns Hanyu spit on the face while holding both hands, electric amma on the face and Sakisaka spit on the crotch while applying electric amma on the crotch.

Hanyu "Why not because I do not care" and rubbed the brim with my brother like rain.

And look at Sakisaka's electric lamp too fast

Hanyu "Ayabayaabisugoshi small wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow that kind of skill ~?"

Sakisaka "Electric Anma !!"

Hanyu "Wow! Great! Super comfortable. It was great. Big brother ♡ ♡ ほ」 」"

The smell of the legs and collar of an odious woman stimulates the nasal cavity and the crotch is stimulated to the super high-speed electric pan. Just the pole of torture!

Hanyu "I decided! My brother's nursery rhyme to deprive him of chopsticks"

Sakisaka "I like you so w"

While taking off my elder brother's pants and spiting, I put a double electric amma by two people.

Brother "I do not want to live like this"

Hanyu "What do you do if you've been deprived of virginity really?"

Sakisaka "I will steal"

"I'm sorry I can't tell anyone, I can't tell anyone!"

Sakisaka "Come on! Come on!"

Hanyu "Go!"

A further hell awaits for the elder brother who is deprived of the first knowledge by the leg of the younger sister.

Sakisaka "I am not enough yet"

Hanyu "I will not give up on my brother w from now on, I'll give you electric electricity."

The sisters who accelerate by stepping on the sensitive little cock of the first knowledge and accelerating.

Stuck the legs of the brother trying to run away and twist the body, and put on a high-speed electric massage so as not to run away.

When the test of hell is finally over

From now on, the days where it is made to ejaculate to the electricity of the sisters every day have been waiting.

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Face Sitting Spit Nipple Blame & Sitting Electric Amma

Double Nipple Blame & Double Spit Handjob

Facial collar electric massage & standing electric massage

Tsubaki plenty of double standing electric fan until virgin loss

Immediately after abolition electric blame electric massage

Recording: about 17 minutes

■ 3 beautiful Hanashi Arisa Sakisaka Hanakoi erectile dysfunction patients two beautiful nurses to improve the function until the electric anger, to ejaculation.

A mid-aged ED guy who had been desperate for a non-functional chinpo, one day he found a clinic to restore his function on the net and arrived.

(Three people sitting on the couch and talking)

Senior nurse Hanyu "How was it today?"

Man "I have not erected for several years."

Junior nurse Sakisaka "Yes .. So let's treat, so please lie down first."

A man is lying on the couch, two nurses hang a bribe, put hands in the men's pants and lick their teats while watching each eyebrow and testicles

Hanyu: "First of all, I'm going to firmly squeeze the gold ball."

Sakisaka "Because there is an effect by stimulating it to crush gold balls"

Hanyu "I'm effective for both nipples and ED, I will do it together"

Sakisaka "Excuse me."

Pichi pachi, while making a sound Jururu both nipples with two people in two people, both balls, five point blame of the eyebrows. A man gives a pant voice for feeling so much.

By the blame of two people who knew the point of a man well

The man's cock gradually reacting.

Hanyu "Please come here"

With the man sitting in front of the sofa, Hanyu rubbed his hand with his legs four times with his feet from above the sofa, Sakisaka sat down and turned on the electric lamp

Hanyu "First of all with my beautiful feet ... with my collar ... I will stimulate the brain."

Sakisaka "Here I will stimulate gold balls with my beautiful feet."

Two people are replaced this time and Sakisaka rubs the hand which it spited while making a quadruple with the foot from the top of the sofa this time, Hanyu has a seat, and the electric electric massage is done

Hanyu "Oita erection power is improving, let's do our best with this condition"

Man "Well, I?"

Sakisaka "I'm fine."

A son who recovers and recovers its function with the scent of the collar and the small stimulus to the crotch.

Hanyu "Let's do the most effective treatment then"

Two people make an electric massage at the same time on the face and crotch.

Hanyu "It's also very effective to stimulate the face and crotch at once this way."

Taste the feel of the feet of the two in the crotch and face,

And, the smell of two people reached to the brain,

A man's cock that makes a full erection for the first time in several years.

The two put down their pants and put on a double electric amma from the top of the sofa while pouring saliva in the crotch.

Hanyu "I'm getting angry."

Sakisaka "I'm going wild" w

It stimulates a sexual feeling zone called a sexual feeling zone in the crotch that envelops the two correct balls and eyebrows from both sides. The man is good at last.

When they spit further,

Hanyu "Sperm mixed with our drool"

To maintain function even after ejaculation,

It is a cock that can continue to blame electrician.

A man faints in agony for a long time stimulation.

When the treatment is finally over

Hanyu "Let's do our best again next time."

Sakisaka "I look forward to seeing you again"

Play content

Severe pain double eyebrow 揉 ほ ダ ブ ル ダ ブ ル ダ ブ ル ダ ブ ル 唾 唾

Neck 4 character face face rubbing & sitting Electric Amma

Facial crotch simultaneous double electric Amma

Double Electric Amma with lots of spikes from the top of the sofa

Immediately after blame

Recording: about 13 minutes

■ 4 Sakisaka Hanakoi and Arisa Hanyu's kick boxing club girls and manager hit juniors and kick gold, strangles and electric amma to get rid of bullying!

Pro kick boxer and manager girl, called a weak junior to a man

Sakisaka "Be ready now because we will treat the weak omee thoroughly with two people!"

Sakisaka makes a man stand up

Sakisaka on the back of the man, Hanyu stands in front

Sakisaka "Open your feet!"

Man "Hm? What do you do?"

When I open my legs, Sakisaka is

Knock it all in

Hanyu also shoots a kick

(Since Sakisaka is doing kick boxing, I was still slammed with murder-like kicking power w and Hanyu was the first gold kick to be born, but the dull pain that stains the ball with a heavy kick) I felt.) Man talk

A man who can not stand it and can fall when it has reached 10 kicks

When Hanyu tightens his neck with one hand and spit on his face, and Sakisaka gets on his belly with both feet,

The whole body weighs on the belly when the neck is squeezed, and the air is blocked and suffocated in various places without breathing from the nose with saliva.

And two people hold a man's arm and pinch it with both legs, and put an arm crunchy cross.

(Mr. Hanyu, who has no experience than Mr. Sakisaka who has experience, does not know addiction, I thought whether it would be seriously broken arm w) Man Yu talk

And if you point your crotch with your free foot,

Two people notice that a man is erecting.

Sakisaka "What's going on?

Hanyu "What's wrong? You're lying-I'm teaching now, but what are you doing erecting? I don't believe it"

Man "It's originally big"

Hanyu "Because I was not originally big."

Then they sit on the wall and push them into the wall, grabbing both feet and put their feet in the man's crotch.

Man "Please stop it!"

A man's wish is also haphazardly and double electric power is started.

Sakisaka "Kinjaku smashed"

Hanyu "You can't do this because it's such a thing?

Man "Please stop only electricity!"

Sakisaka "What do you like really?"

Hanyu "Hey, let's start hitting it already"

Hanyu "is it painful?"

Sakisaka "If you regret it, do you want to be stronger than us?"

The man who is absolutely desperate to the electric pan where the strong ankles are firmly held by the two strong girls and pleasure and severe pain are mixed.

Man "Please stop already"

And back to the back

Hanyu "Don't run away!"

Sakisaka "Don't run away! Crush you!"

Hanyu "Oh, you won't lose the gold ball today Nee"

Sakisaka "I will not be able to use it for the rest of my life w

I can see that I'm going to chase a gold ball of a man with a foot even over the screen.

And two men take off men's pants,

Sakisaka spit on the face and squeezed the neck 4, and Hanyu put on the pants and spit on the electric anma.

Sakisaka "Thank you, thank you?"

Man "Oh, thank you"

Hanyu "Don't you like so much Electric Anma ~ Let's do it every day from now on?"

Hanyu's electric amma has reached the area of a master, completely captures a pleasant place with his feet, and a man is immediately attacked with ejaculation feeling with moderate stepping and vibration, but the neck is squeezed at Sakisaka and the hell is stopped. It looks like

Hanyu "We'll feel so good with electricity so much!" And speed up the speed of electricity anma to MAX!

And finally, Hanyu's tech wins and leads to ejaculation wonderfully.

But this is no end.

Hanyu "Eh, I've got sperm attached to my feet-clean it up"

And dirty feet out,

Sakisaka "Say it with me!"

Though she said that, the man's face is pushed out to Hanyu's leg and ****dly lick it.

When the couple put in some shots of the final kick,

From now on, every day of the punishment was waiting.

Play content

Kick from the front to the back
Neck tightening & both legs whole body belly attack
Double arm straight cross
Clashing the wall, double electric amma
Raw chin electric massage & thigh tightening
Raw legs semen licking & kicking

Recording: about 14 minutes

■ 5 Hanyu Arisa and Sakisaka Hanakoi's CFNM two cute girls compete full-naked dogs for 2 minutes with electric massage and compete which goes first

The place is a luxury tower apartment in Tokyo,

It is a story of two celebrity beautiful women and **** dogs living there.

A man lying naked on the floor

Sakisaka "Good guy waiting for Pochi?"

Man "One!"

Hanyu "Because I'm in a flower love with me today, which will be the first to use Pochi to power the electric fan."

Man "One One!"

Sakisaka squirts in the crotch of a man and begins electric electric massage, and Hanyu squirts on the face and makes his face stomp or lick with legs. It is a rule that it is better to switch it by two minutes and get it to the electric station first.

Sakisaka is an electric massage that leaves it to the strength in small steps

Hanyu is an electric massage that is too wavering technicians like calf.

Each one is a different kind of electric fan, but both are very pleasant.

The first time Sakisaka Denki

Word blame dictionary

Sakisaka "I'm going-Electric Enma!"

Sakisaka "If you feel good, say one"

Hanyu "Pochi, what is it? W"

Hanyu "Electric Anma I Love Monemon"

The second Hanyu Electric Anma Face Sakisaka

Word blame dictionary

Hanyu: "My feeling is so good, please come to me!"

Sakisaka "What's the smell of my feet?

Hanyu "It's a bad smell in the spit, so it's a dog Pochi is a dog, so it smells many times w"

Hanyu "The smell of the soles of the feet and the smell of spit and the dog's smell of the potion.

Man "feeling good" → Hanyu "feeling one, do not! What kind of human words are you talking about? Pet's habit"

Hanyu "Well, let's go to my electric train-I'm fighting with flowers today."

Sakisaka "Well, I can't go? I can't go there."

Hanyu "I'm going?"

Sakisaka "You can't do it, right?

The third time Sakisaka Denki

Word blame dictionary

Sakisaka "Ochchinchin Hardened ... Are you there?

Hanyu "It's a real Pochi no Ochinchin reddish green"

Sakisaka "This is not going to be this time?"

Hanyu "Eh, let's put up! My electric train goes to me?

Sakisaka "It feels so good? Here you hear what the owner says. It's good to be patient. Don't stand it."

Hanyu "Eh, I'm an owner too. Please put up with it!"

The 4th Hanyu Electric Anma Face Sakisaka

Word blame dictionary

Hanyu "Hello, here and there, please come and see!"

Man "Aa! Aa! Aa !!"

Sakisaka: "Don't you ?! Pochi no good! Pochi no good!"

Hanyu "I want to put out! Pochi! Please put out!"

Sakisaka "What a hell! Are you going to put out ?!"

The 5th Sakisaka Electric Anma Hanyu Hanyu

Word blame dictionary

Sakisaka "What point did you endure? Oh wow w"

Hanyu "Hey, I'm not going to do it for a while! I will never forgive you if I'm there!"

Sakisaka "My Electric Anma's Feels Better"

Hanyu "Hey, don't do that."

Sakisaka "Good to get out! Get out of my electricity!"

Hanyu "I will not forgive you if you put out!

Sakisaka "Horeoide, if you look at it, I will reward you"

Two people are turned to the electric pan, and the limited potty is ejaculated by the small electric pan of Sakisaka in just 10 minutes, and the electric Satsuma game goes up to Sakisaka.

Sakisaka "Pochi great niece, yes it's a good reward"

Sakisaka who says that and licks his leg.

Hanyu "I'll punish you for a moment ... I can not believe it!"

Hanyu who kicks a gold ball like a soccer ball.

Hanyu "I will smash it!"

It was kicked 3 times even if I was angry enough w (boy talk)

Play content

Spit plenty standing electric anma & brim plenty of facial foot blame

褒 舐 腹 腹 腹 金

(Back story)
Pochi had been told by the director to hold more than enough because it is not for sale.

But the 4th turn of Hanyu's super pleasure electrical anma feels too comfortable, and he seems to be in danger, and he screams Woon just to stop me, but Hanyu also shows it S heart while knowing it, let's get along while It takes to Sakisaka is no good! I will not use it.

At the last minute of ejaculation, Pochi survives the electric anma that Hanyu feels too pleasant,

It is the limit, and she is suddenly pulled out to Sakisaka's high-speed electric pan on the next turn.

Recording: about 10 minutes

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