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■ 【4 pieces of massage! 】 All of Rion-chan's "Electric Umami" series!


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■ AM121 electric Amafegi is accused while lecturing electric amma on an amateur female model and large jetting!

(Two people sitting on the sofa to talk)

Woman: "Why did you like electric sauce?"

Man "I was fond of being a girl when I was little."

Woman "Why did you like it"

A man "I liked it if it was let down by being touched by everyone"

Woman "ふ ん"

Man: "Would you mind letting the foot stick on the ball with both feet?"

A girl who has both feet, stomps on the crotch with both feet and electricity.

Woman "I will crush the ball? Is it really okay?"

As the whole girl's weight reaches Kanbato,

The man who suffered and girls also stepped on with care at first at the beginning but as I got used to it, I was trampling from midstream and I asked myself for themselves and I felt the fear that the balls seemed to be crushed.

Man, "Then I'd like you to sit on the sofa, stepping on one foot with both hands connected, stepping on the crotch with one foot."

A girl who begins to electric moments of his face and crotch while sitting on the sofa as told.

The **** that he stepped on his face and crotch while being despised, the man gets excited, sniffs his legs, and inflates his crotch.

Woman: "Is this ok?" Does not it make you excited like this?

Man "Can I lick a foot? Please thrust my fingertip"

The girl thrusts his finger as he said.

Man "I want electric momma this time."

Girls wearing electricity on a small scale

Masu electric musleness without mercy to a man who is pleasant and pain-resistant.

A woman, "I feel it with electric electric sauce or something, this transformation! Let's make it so much with electric power!"

Next is a man who asks you to electricity so that you can drive into the wall.

Woman: "Do you want to be crushed? Do you feel painful, do you feel good?"

I can withstand the pain, I let the body float, but even then the girl crushes with the sole of the foot to escape the gold ball.

Woman: Hey heh! I'm telling you that it hurts painfully?

Man "Well then can you take the pants off, stand up and do electric things?"

A girl who strikes a slimy lunch while spitting spit on the crotch of a man who has been undressed, taking off his pants, and putting on a small electric electricity.

Woman "Which ball do you feel better?"

Woman "I will collapse, I will not be able to make sperm?" What kind of legs are you closing? "" Do you feel like being surprised electric? "He shook his legs violently and the man got drowned up from the pain to the red zone of the pleasure at once, Finally shoot!

But, the girl does not stop the electric teenager, he plunges the high-speed electric amma to the glans head. The man tries to escape, but he grasps both legs, is blamed for the glans, does not enter power, a man who is forcibly fucked unable to escape from the electric amateur of a tiny girl.

Woman: "I do not want you to do it, do not you?"

Please have a look at the pleasant feeling of being refereeed backwards with electric amma till herohero.

★ Play content

Both feet lumped on top of the whole body Electric Amma

Simultaneous facial crotch electric amma

Electric Amma from the top of the sofa

Driven sitting position electric amma

Basic Standing Stand Melting Electric Amma Cumshot

Electricity immediately after suffering electricity Amma

Recorded: about 16 minutes

■ AM122 YouTube bar was electrified until ○○'s sister was electrified and it got back to revenge. Rion

(Brother of YouTube Bar talking to the camera with the sister who is sleeping on the sofa)

Man "I'd like to put some electricity on my sleeping sister."

And to the camera, the elder brother who sleeps on a sleeping sister

My sister wakes up quickly and shoots a gold kick with his soles of his brother's crotch.

An older brother who falls under the sofa.

My sister noticed the camera and headed to the camera,

Woman: I'd like to punish my older brother with electric amma from now on.

When sitting on the sofa, older brother lying sloppy, he puts electric power on his older brother. And lifting both hands Sister who is amateuring electricity at the same time face and crotch

A woman: Hey, you smell a foot! Lick me a cock. "

Lick the foot of the person stepping on the face. A man who can make her sister lick her legs.

And the younger sister has both feet as it is from the top of the sofa, and starts small electric electricity.

Woman "Are you exposed all over the world? Your older brother is surfing electricity w"

A man, "I will not do it anymore, please pardon" and begging me, my sister who stops electricity.

A woman 's going to shake it back,'

If you put the man back on the sofa, spit on the man's face and apply electricity on the face and crotch at the same time.

Woman "It smells like being mixed with the smell of brim." Woman: "Is not this embarrassing exposed to such a figure all over the world?"

M brother who is excited for some reason while being exposed to such a shameful appearance to his sister and all over the world.

Woman 'I'll make it a body I can not make sperm w Grind a ball w "

Woman: Do not worry, please do more? I have trembling my feet, do you feel so comfortable? "

My sister and his sister do not know that the power of electric power will stay with considerable endurance.

A woman says, "From here is the real thing?"

I broke my brother's pants,

A younger sister who stands while sitting while sitting.

In the everlasting dolls, the brims are pouring down, becoming the cats, the younger sister who goes for funny things.

Man "Feels nice!"

Woman: Do you feel good?

Woman "Do you feel good electric?"

Woman: "Do you feel comfortable? I feel it with electric amma like this"

Every time the foot shakes wiggle, it makes Kuchakachi and a nasty sound that stimulates the older brother's brain.

Man, "I will get out if I do it as it is"

Woman: "Do you go out with electricity massage? Older brother's w w, metamorphosis w super metamorphosis w"

Finally I am overwhelmed by my sister's electric amma in front of the whole world.

However, my sister does not relax the feet of electric amma.

"Hello! Do you still want electricity? Do not tell me to do it!"

An elder brother who faints after blaming right afterwards.

My younger sister who satisfied after the revenge was over,

Toward the camera

Woman "I will deliver a place to electricize my brother every day from now on to my brother so please register," it was a better figure of youtube than my older brother.

★ Play content

Electric Amma counter gold kick

Tying hand face crotch simultaneous electric amma

Electric Amma from the top of the sofa

Chronograph crotch & face tramp electric amma

Basic Standing Stand Melting Electric Amma Cumshot

Electricity immediately after suffering electricity Amma

Recorded: about 18 minutes

■ AM123 Rion's healthy foot stepping Refletary shop gold kick if you forcibly make a lolita girl pretty! Trampling face! I was ****d to fire with electric amma!

(Two people sitting on the bed)

Woman "Thank you for your appointment today."

Despite being a healthy foot stepping refreshment shit customer who touches the breasts and feet of girls

Female "Please stop!"

A girl who gets a gold kick on a fucking customer trying to forcibly push a girl.

Fucking customer who fell from the sofa and faints

"A fucking customer like you will crush the rugby! Hey you crawl on all fours!"

Make it four-fold.

"I'll crush you!"

Then, he strikes more than 10 gold kicks from behind.

Whether you are not used to kicking a little pretendingly within the first,

Was it fun to watch a man 's painful reaction, kicking it quite strongly in the second half.

"I will make a body that crushes the sperm and can not make sperm!"

Next time, I led a man on his back and kick 9 Kicks like Soccer Ball,

"Okay, I'll forgive you in one shot."

One shot of Todome is gold kick with runaway.

The last kick seems to be quite painful for the amount of run-up, and the actor is also in agony.

Push down the man who is leaning on the sofa and distorted in pain,

Pretty girl squeezing your face while trampling your face

"You have enough feet!"

"It is such a bad thing to be evil ... I will try not to be bad by crushing a ball."

The man is excited by the smell of his feet and a girl's exquisite ball holdings and gradually inflates the crotch.

And dragging a man up to the sofa,

Join both hands and apply electrical power.

Man "What is this?"

Woman "Electric safe!"

Then stretch out my legs on the face,

While licking your feet "Lick it!"

Electricity at the same time at the groin.

This position is MIX of the pleasantness of the electric amma, the smell of the foot is MIX, the sensation being electricized to the foot of this smelly, the excitement to the torture of feeling the smell excited me, the man erects to the limit.

A beautiful girl who noticed it sits a man on the wall,

Put electricity on the wall to sit a man on the wall and drive it into the wall.

Man "I'm saying something, I'm crushed really!

Woman "Collapse!"

The men's balls lose their escape place, they change from pleasure to intense pain at once and raise their agony.

Man "Please do it ... I will do anything!"

Woman: "Well then let me do ... ... one time?"

Man "Please stop the ball!"

Woman: "Well then, is it OK?"

Move the foot from the ball to the rod, the man starts to feel.

Woman: I wish it was ahead.

Woman: "If you feel it does not mean any sense of punishment"

And lock the man 's ball again and vibrate the foot.

After that, if you take off the man's pants,

I put down my pants and spit saliva and sprinkle electricity.

Woman: I will make it a bad body! "

Man "Help me ... help me ..."

Woman "No one can help me"

A severe electric amma is added to the slim crotch, and the man finally ejaculates in pain and pleasure.

In the meantime I thought that it would be released,

A beautiful girl who places more intense electricity on the sensitive crotch after ejaculation.

"Please do more?"

"It feels good because it's done with electrical surgery!"

The man was forgiven, but without being forgiven, he could apply electricity until she felt like a beautiful girl.

Play contents

Four lads & soccer ball gold kick

Squashing balls & spitting on your face trampling

Face & crotch electric amma from the top of the sofa

Evil emma with the wall pushing in tramp

Fresh legs raw chin electric amma

Electricity immediately after suffering electricity Amma

Recorded: about 17 minutes

■ AM124 Lolita ○○ Toronto boyfriend will ejaculate with electric amateur

(Two people sitting on the sofa to talk)

Woman "Congratulations on national conquest!"

Man "Thank you!"

Woman "Tell her that she will do anything for her reward."

Man "Well then may I have your hands on my face while stepping on my face?"

Female "Okay! Lie down!"

Spit a man on his back, spit on his hands, thrust his hand into a man's pants, give handjob, further spit on his hands, paint on his feet, and step on his face with a brimmed foot.

"How about the smell of the shoes? It smells like being mixed with the smell of the foot!"

"My spit is mixed in the pants and it's slimy?"

The handjob while being slimmed with spit in pants is very nasty, and the fragrance of the mantis is stuck in the legs, and a nasty smell stimulates the nostrils and erects as it gets erect.

Man "Well then can you mess with your feet while touching your nipples with your hands?"

Woman: "Then sit here!"

Girls sitting in front of the sofa, teasing with nipples with a brim with a nipple, trembling the crotch with small feet, and a girl who moves up and down with feet.

A man who stimulates the crotch with his legs, adds pleasure to the nipple, and raises a pant voice.

Man "Can you please do electricity this time?"

Woman "Electric Ama Long Time Passing! I did a lot to my brother and made me cry"

Girls who start standing electric amma

Woman "My brother cried my electric uma for as little as 1 minute!"

A man who is excited about the fact that such a clean girl was electromagnetically electrified by his younger brother and makes a full bokki.

Woman "Come over here and I will do electricity from the top of the sofa."

A girl who gets off his pants, gets raw pork on her legs and gets electricity from the top of the sofa.

Electric Amma gains violence and friction causes the drink to get hot. Girls spit and spit on them, and like a lubricant, as you speed up your feet, the man will finally cast a cloudy liquid while raising a sloppy voice.

It is unusual for electric amateurs, not a punishment but a reward element 100%, a place to blame at the center of pleasure system electric amma is the highlight.

★ Mandatory play

Face stepping with spit legs Handjob hands

Facesitting Foot Job

Basic Standing Electric Amma

Plenty of shoulder from the top of the sofa Electric Amma

Recorded: about 16 minutes

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