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Street legs&socks snaps photos + movie Irumi

Product number: 120
Genre: Pantyhose
Dealers: Street legs & socks snaps

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File List:写真集+動画 いるみ(高bitrate)

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Product Information

New photo collection + movie has a job related to eating and drinking, Irumi.

She seems to have never minded foot steak or odor usually.

I applied a clear case to her soles who took off my pumps and it got cloudy.

The odor of her foot smelled of steamed leather.

To better understand its odor more clearly, it is an odor like steamed corn,

Her leg smelled its odor very clearly.

She did not seem to have been sniffed by anyone until now,

"I do not think anything in particular"

Even if I was smelly steamed and smelled feet all day, she did not seem embarrassed separately.

I smashed lightly the toes part of stockings took off and the crotch place, lightly pulled.

By the way the place of the toes of her stockings smoked sweat The odor of stocking did,

The crotch place was a nice odor of detergent.

She said that she was used to this pumps.

When sniffing her pumps, the insole sponge totally sucked sweat It smelled.

Please enjoy Nakami 's stockings feet worn all day on the way back from training!

Please enjoy the stocking feet with her steaming and smelling on the way home from work!

Picture 90 sheets 6000 × 4000 size

1 min 54 sec 1920 x 1080 size mp 4 format
Contents: Foot fetish interview, foot sniffing, foot steak check,
Sniffing off odd stockings
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