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Positioning: koganinpocho book no. 10 talk: koganinpocho book found for


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"No. 10 talk: koganinpocho book discovery ichi vanishing duck all 10 story book for the average" ( 10:18 ) original-screenplay Yoshino Walnut character design shinjo Oligocene cast actors troupe Sendai Sakura gumi orchid... Sakae, Rina Misaki sound, Peony and Kaede... Treetops, Kaori Honda St... Yamazaki JURI and Tono... Akihiro 小丸, chigusa... Abe Kumi, your head... Spring morning Tsuzuki length taro... Kato Yuki, enemy Ninja... Morality Kudo Hiroyuki ☆'s daughter's new daughter "Kaede", restructuring concubines "ran" the Ninja "treetops" three gathered try positioning: koganinpocho book star Ninja recruitment for another. The appointed positioning special forces managed to pass the test ran, Kaede, Kozue Ki-direct. Kinda vague regarding positioning and mystery of the vanishing duck pledge of of three historical fantasy.

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