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Episode 10 of the Castle rose the red rose picture


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"Picture" ( 12:20 ) episode 10 Red roses in the castle of Roses all 11 episodes original story and screenplay HIMENO Rin Prince Andrew cast actors troupe Sendai Sakura gumi... Queen Elizabeth, Yuka Kondo pear... Abe Kumi, Richard... Akihiro 小丸, Henry... Kato Yuki, George Earl... Princess Victoria Tsuzuki morning spring,... Matsuo seina, Mary... Masuya Kazumi, Philip Prophet... Top NET and Louise... Ya, storyteller... Tiny Castle of tiny countries as to which anyone in the すみっこ Castle Saya Misaki true the rose of the world.
Exist in no saving grace Castle, but as it stands only planted Garden, hundreds of roses flowers about, so there was called "rose Castle". People who gather there is little unique members is still Castle as well as such do not. Not made because people are angry at the building.

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