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Yua who loves Scat play and "Mimi" make love with shit! The start of a shitty kiss when Mimi receives with a mouthful of shit let go from Yua's asshole in one shot connecting the two with love. The suck a giant solid piece of shit like a penis. Two people who enjoy soft shit and love to french kiss.

Shitty kisses is the ultimate form of love. Result love scat play favorite and "ear" in dung love to draw! Sign to start shit Kiss thick one and blew out from the anus consolidated love shit under your mouth Mimi-CHAN, two have a tie. Munching each other in the gloriously 生1本 excrement like penis if Buri attaches. The two "ears" soft dung also joining further curb taste wild rich to enjoy. Dung kiss is the ultimate love.

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