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Black cheer Tan Canary sect "no そまり-anguish-a certain imitation painter"


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Product Information

' Woman 'counterfeit painters' revered painters specialized in talk, and the truth of the painter disappearance... "?? STORY?? counterfeit painter (imitation painter) draw a counterfeit of a certain artist and their works to a life story.

And the fable of fools 量れぬ others or things of their own gain, but.

Popular painter had disappeared several months ago.
True production artists revered counterfeit painter's work room, decorated with.
He was a painter of the painter works professional counterfeit. From the artist disappeared, counterfeit decorating Takashi spare time further too, worship and work work on imitation. But that devotion and love to work yet, seem indifferent insouciance for painter, painter works heartfelt thoughts, etc.

In other words, counterfeit painter painter painted lines and colors, eye looks beautiful, but not interested. Counterfeit painters to emerge, picture dealer and friend, mistress... understand the counterfeit painter words everyone.

My sister is a hotbed of the extreme nature of the counterfeit painter only continue and positive. They praised adorned with real work too much in fully equipped and picture dealer, a certain day. Counterfeit painter was furious.

It's because was decorated with it was a fake counterfeit painter drew from.

Real work was already dirty blood when counterfeit painter painter killed. [Main sights > ¡ý weekend experimental performances.

Now featured actor guest starring many! ?? CAST & STAFF?? akazawa [movie rendition] Mook [cast] shibahara, and Yamashita Kei / Nakazato Junko / 牛水 Satomi / Shou akazawa Mook / Nakata ( over black cheer Tan Canary sect ) Yoshida Masamune hyoseong Mukai (phosphorescent group) / Nakamura Shin papers / specials guests appeared in 3.4, Nakagawa Tomoaki horikoshi Suzumiya 5.6 cast performance of 倉方 in Xi'an (10.11, cast InnocentSphere) Tsu Ishimura credit bearing (modern 12.13 cast swimmers) ※ recording