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The plastic lemon"an ugly dance


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Product Information

Like a dance.
To talk about.

Story about a man aging and 10000 years "humanity".
System of Government STORY?? what on Earth is the world that ran out if 10000 years later?
Maybe the chance とかない sex とかない maybe the body. No-. Hey what happens.

It is where such plays. Actors continues to pursue to acquire can be over one character or space or time or the various body, speaking and dancing.

I tried running after and speaks like a dance, the dance like talking, say, or both.

It is something different without daily engaged in byte, something never become like, if possible beyond the pawn and I think.

Ill-fated, and やるせな of loss also no sense shall perish and others fail and we will send you. "Those who recommend then! > ¤ who spends every day somehow ◎ money not ¤ dance I'm? People thought?? CAST & STAFF?? Chow [work demonstration: Junichi Hirota [cast] Sonja, Hashimoto Masashi, Matsushita Hitoshi Saito Yosuke Aoki Hiroyuki, 平舘 宏大, Nakamura, Junichi Hirota, early Kaori Kasai Satomi, Kusano Takako, Negishi EMI, Mai Hong, Kolo (persimmon guest passes) ( the little toe Samurai ) SATO Miyuki