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Inu the Black Parade "come spring. 」


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The society of ドキュメンターテインメント second!
System of Government STORY??, mercy oil soaring to fishing, fishing port forced the last-minute life.
Asoge Sha jiacai's Mana secretly targeting City Council election of elected officials are recruiting dispatched truncated from large corporations to save this predicament, trying to up the fishing port of low employment rate and was anticipating.
Fisher was selected to try out the new model style of fishing family, it was a family of their own.
But deciding things despite Sakae Tai as his son in is traditional, even his father captain to go out of business in my mind.
Sakae, Yuta tells sasami jiacai's Mana wants to keep to traditional fishermen and going out of business success for the future loses.

Two brothers is forced to choose life while we faced severe capitalist reality,. ?? CAST & STAFF?? [movie rendition] [starring] イケタニマサオ, Satoshi Iwabuchi, Kazuyuki Takayama, Hasegawa, Ichiro, Tomoyuki Hara Hiroyuki, 加三 Osamu Treaty Takumi, Yuki Shimazaki care, Yanai Yoko, Tanabe 1000 Kaori Kobayashi ended (BI-based sister) Edogawa Manji Maru (theatrical Ueda) Matsuoka Tsutomu Kawasaki last additions today child (JACROW)