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L @VE SCHOOL Jr Maeda Ayaka 14 love mail

Product number: LALS-02
Series: L@VE SCHOOL Jr
Genre: teens
Dealers: Co., new style creates

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Product Information

A newcomer active ○ student Ju ○ A idol "Ayaka Maeda" (1 year old ○ 2nd grade student) extreme first image video! T-back bikini for the first time! And shaved shaved under the guidance of the affiliated office! ! Ayaka who is a acting group who shows a face that I feel many times in the image scene! Escalate shooting and blame first hand bra! Temptation of compensated dating with young uniform & print pants !? No !! First ○ M !! With bonus bonuses ... A young body in the middle of developing is mischievous and the first electric train is ○ and "Anne" is greeted and "Ayaka looks at the first vaginal cum shot" "Dad like this video "I'm sorry to be taken", is the new active J * idol-chan being punished ?! Student idols are exposed in the night park !? In the chapter ... "Ejaculate a lot of sperm in Ayaka's Oma" "Watching students make a child" "Ayaka ejaculates with a jua image" Active ○ Student Idol-chan many times It also contains super radical video that is also seeded with degrees!

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