Rafat 2008: Episode 4 "memory of love" 

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System of Government STORY?? twink boy Takeshi is gay-CHAN!
Takeshi wedged pour love mother to anguish, one with Takeshi ショーパブ MOM and make a decision. Love ショーパブ fellow, also gay-CHAN's performance in very cute ♪ ending of the story---☆?? CAST?? Ikeda taro Mr. Ieyasu Yusuke, Yasushi Endo, Yu Beijing Yuji Kawaguchi, 税所 伊久 Kuma-Kan yukihiko, takazawa Yasuhiro and plain good, yoshito Watanabe, Sumiyoshi Rena and Mizuki are?? STAFF?? screenplay and directing: habara Daisuke Entertainment Inc. large handicraft performance of professional managers, through Tsukamoto こうへい, studied.

Beside the writing industry, presided from 2001 theatrical ' Shinjuku entertainment company '.

"Get up" and "2005 pacchigi" main movie "Hula girls" (directed by Lee Sang-IL), "2005 pacchigi LOVE & PEACE" (directed by Izutsu Kazuyuki), "gegege Kitaro" "Prince MOTOKI Katsuhide Director of tennis" (directed by Abe uechi). And a rough system of Government? System of Government every year annual (1995-), choosing stuff centered on small theater actors in audition, staged by an outstanding writer and directing small theater world Festival performances 2008 Edition!